Tuesday, January 1, 2008; 9:57 PM
A fresh start

In lieu of a fresh new start to a fresh new year, let's leave the recent string of emo posts behind and celebrate a year of new beginning, adventures and plenty more magic to come!

Now for a typical New Year meme. =)

List the most important thing you can remember from each month of 2007 :

January : Met up with one of my best friends from back home in Malaysia for a memorable night out.
February : Said goodbye to my dog, who knew it would really be goodbye for good?
March : Went to watch Walking With Dinosaurs!! :D Also, Sanjaya was on American Idol. Haha!
April : Met one of the most amazing boys I know, and who hopefully will continue to inspire me throughout 2008 as he has done so this past year. Also the best birthday EVAR!!
May : Something glorious ended and something glorious began. The beginning of a rollercoaster ride of emotions. :)
June : MJY and Sammy start wearing each other out. Our trio is no longer a trio. D:
August : Eadwine my luv all the way from the Netherlands comes to visit!!! XD
September : Killer Hailstorm attempts to murder Yin on way home from horse barn. Yin survived the calamity with minor cuts and bruises.
October : Went out to the field at an ungodly hour in the morning so he could take photos of light graffiti and permanently casting one of our sweetest memories in my brain for good. Also, meeting his family at a knee-shaking, nerve-wrecking, palms-sweating dinner.
November : Finally finish Uni and graduated!!! At the expense of my friends breaking up, our sanities vanished and yet fully enjoying every minute of our hard work.
December : Family comes to visit in Melbourne. Year ends with the biggest fright of my life when McCool and I run into the biggest obstacle yet.

I'm just thankful that 2008 has opened on a good note, with friends pledging loyalties, family pledging support and loved one pledging, well, love. Let's just hope that whatever hurdles 2008 throws our way, we are able to leap right over them like an Olympic champion. =)

Cheers everyone!