Sunday, January 27, 2008; 11:42 PM
get me into the shade
It's ridiculously impossible, but how wonderful it is to think that the person who replied to me on the Anything post at Postsecret could maybe possibly be you? Of course it isn't, sheesh, what am I thinking - but it's nice to hope. Whoever you are, anonymous stranger, thank you for making me smile. =]

Somedays we move forwards and other days we take a step back, but I do think despite it all we are well on the road to recovery and that thought is somewhat uplifting. It doesn't hurt so much anymore and it's beginning to feel like happiness again.
I think I really do like your new room because now I get to lie down and snuggle your legs while you play your games and if I fall asleep you wake me up the same way Sleeping Beauty is awoken - so I really think I should fall asleep more often. =]

Anyways, this is my last week of work (omg!) and it is somewhat disheartening. I think if the store renovations are pushed back again, I will request for me to stay on the extra time, until the store closes. I really do want to keep myself busy throughout Chinese New Year, for one thing, because I dread the thought of spending it alone and it would be so much better if I could be working all my spare time off so I don't have the time to think about it or feel forlorn. It's my first New Year away from home in Malaysia, and more significantly, my first New Year without my dog, and it will be so strange to not be in the midst of the noise and chaos that's usually synonymous with the Chinese New Years I'm accustomed to in Malaysia.

I can feel it achingly tugging at my heartstrings already, so hopefully Coffee Bean will still be open then. I'd work all day and night on New Year's Eve if I could, just so I can have an excuse for being alone without a family. Keep myself busy and exhaust myself out so all I need to do by the time I get home is collapse on my bed. That sounds good. And definitely stay away from the Instant Pasta!

Although if the Bean does close down by next week, dear god, I shall only pray that a Space Time Continuum happens so I won't even realize it's the New Year and it will pass me by without me even noticing.

To be honest, I feel so far removed from everything... But it's okay. I'll be responsible for myself. Oh Yin, you'll be okay. Girl, you'll be okay.

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