Saturday, January 26, 2008; 12:12 AM
I am a voice waiting to be heard
After just coming home from a superb day/night out, I spent the past half hour or so browsing Facebook, looking up profiles of old long lost friends and such.

It marvels me, the way our lives all took on different paths and wound through different woods. It's funny how we change and find ourselves as we grow up. I find myself looking back at profiles of guys I used to majorly crush on in high school and thinking, "Why the heck did I ever find him attractive?!"
I look at profiles of old classmates who are all preened and living their young, early 20's lives clubbing and drinking and having a blast, and to be honest I feel so far removed from that situation now. Maybe I'm just an old fart, but I like how my life is. Calm, mellow, homely, no fuss, stable. Sure, there's the drama that pops up every now and then and I feel like committing homicide and hiding the corpse underneath my bed, but there's none of that clustered mayhem that consists of partying out till late and coming home wasted, or crazy friendship dramas where the best friend sleeps with the ex-boyfriend or shit like that you see on MTV.

I mean, I've never really experienced all that, and to be honest, I don't want to either. Thank god. I guess you could class me as boring ol' Plain Jane, but I like it, thanks.
I have a great job with a steady income (oh noes, that will dissapear soon!), steady friends who calm my hot-head when I need it, a steady boyfriend (despite the drama drama drama), and my steady horses (except when I fall off!) and everything is steady and good - just the way I like it. There's nothing quite like a soothing evening stroll in the sunset, instead of dry-humping strangers in a club.

I do enjoy the odd party or gathering every now and then but I don't need the mayhem of crazy nightlife, I guess. Time is much better spent snuggling or horse-riding, both enjoyable activities of mine.

But anyways, it was McCool's birthday today so we went out for dinner and it was nice, and I also tried my hand at baking a cake from scratch - God knows what it tastes like and also it is the ugliest cake in the entire world, but I suppose the flavour shall be discovered soon enough!

Now I am going to snoooooooze off into lalaland and mentally prepare myself for the next big drama that will come with a new day. =)

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Anonymous Shezael said...
There's nothing wrong with being ol' Plain Jane. I think it's good too. I love it calm & steady. Good for mind as well. =)

May you have happy days ahead *^_^*. All the best, and goodluck too.

I might miss it somewhere, but where you'll be heading to (or more like what you'll be doing later on) after Coffee Bean?

Blogger Yin said...
Thanks so much, shez! =)

Well I'm trying to get a "proper" job, one related to my field of study, get a better income and see where that takes me! I'll be staying in Australia, applying for Permanent Residency.