Sunday, January 13, 2008; 11:57 PM
i think im drunk

I'm so miserable I might as well die.

BUT LETS NOT DIE because I still want to ride horses and eat endless amounts of fish & chips until I die.

SO SRZLY. For once I am going to type a light-headed, incoherent post because life sucks and I think I'm drunk on water/beef noodles/custard because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING AND I WATCHED AS IT DISINTERGRATED INTO A CLOUD OF RED HAHAHA.

ANYWAYS here gaiz, have a FUNNY JAPANESE TV SHOW to laugh at and it is seriously retardedly hilarious, perhaps funnier than Human Tetris or Genius Chimpanzee Makes Noodles, also the first guy on the red team is kinda hot, AMIRITE? He looks like a Japanese reincarnation of Ahn Jung Hwan. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THE WTFery of Japanese and their TV Game Shows. And I thought I'd seen them all.

I feel like really bad karaoke. I never karaoke, I've never karaoked in my life. But right now I feel like TERRIBLE TERRIBLE karaoke. I already know what song to sing KEEP BLEEDING KEEP KEEP BLEEDING LOVE which is coincidentally me and Gracie's song and we spontaneously burst into a dance number everytime the song comes on at Coffee Bean. Oh and BTW I won't be working at Coffee Bean anymore soon, so yeah THAT SUX TOO but back to the topic OMG I WANNA KARAOKE NOW and sing my lungs out in a melody of noise pollution that will crack the glasses of office buildings everywhere.

Also, I fucking hate Microsoft. There, I've said it. HAHAHAHAHA BILL GATES I DONT LIKE YOU BOO-HOO-WHOOP-DEE-DOO!!!!

Also I dreamt of my dog last night and that makes it all even more miserable. ALSO today I was literally dying of pain so I tried to do the VICKS SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE HEAT HAND RUBBING HOTTT VAPOR RUB thing he magically does, but I FAILED horrendously. So now I have to make do with a frickin hot water bottle on my body in summer.