Saturday, January 26, 2008; 11:58 PM
just love the way that you move
If you made it to heaven, what would you like God to say to you upon arrival?

"You smell like flowers."

I read that on Ohnotheydidn't and man, I would like to hear that if I make it to the Big Gates, nothing quite like being compared to pretty flowers. =)

Also, today I scored a free toaster! Tightarse score +plus one for me! McCool's sister is having a grand old Garage Sale tomorrow and I was getting in the way helping when I spotted a mucky old toaster crying in a corner. Intrigued, of course I had to go over and pat it.
"Why are you crying, little toaster?"
"I'm old and abandoned and .... nobody wants me! I've been left in this box for ages and now they're trying to get rid of me!"

Of course I had to clean it up and take it home! Well, McCool's mum cleaned it up for me, but hey, I took it home! My brother complained that we don't have enough space for a toaster in our dingy little apartment but I ignored him and demanded that this toaster shall live! I hereby christen him Toasty.

We spent the day building furniture fresh purchased from Ikea today and I was a great help by getting in the way of everybody and tripping over nails and hammers right, left and center. Getting in the way of frustrated people is much fun! Also, I took into the annoying habit of playing impromptu games of Hide & Seek with McCool everytime he left the room to fetch a new piece of wood, until I decided hiding behind the toilet bowl was SO NOT glamorous and ashamedly told myself off as I emerged from my hiding, red-faced and promptly tripping over another set of nails.

And now, I feel like ridiculously dancing with my smexxy boy. =] Toodles~!

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