Saturday, January 19, 2008; 7:43 PM
Shaken, not stirred
Back at work and back on a horse after quite a hiatus and what a spectacular ride it was really.

Linda moved me up a level (OMG!!) and now she's teaching me to collect and get the horse into a frame and on the bit. I was riding Midnight and having him come soft and collected in my hands is the most wonderful feeling in the world! It was all going Simply Wonderful until Linda told us to swap horses just so we could get the feel of collecting another horse as well.

So I swapped Midnight for Big M and he was simply wonderful the moment I picked up the reins, soft and round and right there on the bit.

We had done a good half hour of flatwork when Linda decided it was time to pop over some jumps. She asked if I wanted to swap back to Midnight which I wanted, but the other girl riding him wasn't too keen, so I stayed on Big M.

Frickin hell, I hate jumping Big M, he's the biggest idiot ever that spooks at every single jump even though he's walked, trotted and cantered past it a million times before. He likes to pull his head all the way down and dart around when the jump approaches, so it's a shit fest and I just really hate jumping him. But hey, he seemed to be really nice and listening today, so I thought, well, okay. He spooked at first a few times, but he seemed to be okay besides a few refusals.

And then Linda added a vertical bar to the crossrails we had been jumping and Big M goes absolutely mental, "OMG ITS A NEW BAR WHAT IS THAT IT WILL EAT ME NO OH GOD NO NO!!!!"
Frickin' hell, but I line him up to jump them anyway and he's going berserk, not wanting to jump that SCARY SCARY HORSE-EATING POLE MONSTER but hell no, he's not winning this so I insist he go over the jump and he does this MASSIVE spook while he's over the jump in mid-air, bolts to the left, leaps over the massive flood of poles lying in the middle of the arena and throws me clean into a flurry of dirt and gravel in my mouth.

At this point I'm ready to cook Big M and have him for dinner, but I get back on anyway and try again. He went over it wonderfully, but then he spooks and bolts the moment his front hooves touch the ground and takes off at a violent gallop down the arena, trying his best to get away from the SCARY HORSE EATING POLE. I am ripped completely out of the saddle and am clinging on to his neck for dear life - I swear I did a couple of 360 degree circles whilst clinging desperately around his neck, and then we see the massive arena fence looming up before us and I'm thinking "FUCK he's going to crash right through that in his panic!" and just as that thought came to mind, he bolts massively and I am flung right over his head and neck, landing with a sickening crack onto my head and neck and look up just to see a flurry of hooves threathening to trample me. Linda lets out a scream and Big M leaps backwards just in time.

Everyone stops what they're doing to watch in horror, but I'm okay - I'm not dead! Hahaha. Stupid Big M. I sit up slowly and shake my fist at him dejectedly, he lowers his head to sniff at me as if to make sure I'm still in one piece, and then lets out a guilty little "Hrruuummpph." Yes, you should indeed feel guilty, horse!

Needless to say, I hopped back on and this time made him go over the jump, no fuss. AGH.

Now I am sore and shaky and my hand won't stop shaking agh it's so annoying and tomorrow everything will hurt so much but oh, it's so worth it. At least I didn't break anything, thank god I didn't get a concussion either!

BIG M, you and I, we have ISSUES. ISSUES!!!!

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