Thursday, January 10, 2008; 11:56 PM
A shot to shoot all shots
I had my medical check-up today for my Australian Permanent Residency application, and one of the procedures was to undergo a blood test for HIV antibodies.

Now, all who knows me knows all too well that I am TERRIFIED of sharp objects .... especially injections.
They are seriously. the worst. thing. ever.

So it's no surprise that 15 minutes before my turn, my palms were sweaty, my eyes were misty and my heart was racing at 1500 beats per second.

Thank goodness that McCool's warm, firm grip on my hand and his silly jokes to distract me from the needle kept me on earth, otherwise I would've fainted in the elevator on the way up! Also, his promises of a marvelous Starbucks Strawberry & Cream frappucino after gave me the motivation I needed to brave the shot, nothing like a treat after undergoing a traumatizing ordeal! XD Also, taking chest X-rays with a cute male doctor telling you to "take off your bra" is not really the kind of thing that I should be thinking about when I have just had a 1000-inch needle of death shoved up my arm! Fangirls worldwide would be proud of me.

After, we went to dinner with his family in South Yarra and it was all sorts of great because I had a lot of fun despite being worried about acting stupid in front of his family. I feel accepted today, hooray! =D

Scorpio was shining high in the sky above by the time dinner was over, they drove me home and then I realized I had forgotten my house keys and there was noone home to let me in. So I stood outside my empty apartment for a good half hour, just stargazing - and saw a shooting star!!! Immediately I made a wish, and no words need to be said what wish I made because it would be the same wish every single time.

Now I am exhausted and not wanting to think about work tomorrow, instead I throw my head down on my cool pillow and shut my eyes, counting down till the hours till we next see each other again. I like to think that both of us are fast asleep at the same time, in different places, and that may connect us in some sort of mysterious way and perhaps we could meet in our dreams.

Us. We. are beautiful. You are amazing.

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