Thursday, January 31, 2008; 9:37 PM
sometimes i run, sometimes i hide
So I did end up going horse riding because the skies cleared up the moment I reached the barn, hoorah! And the farrier was there, so I was treated to the rare luxury of being able to observe him doing his job and having a little chat.

Doing more dressage work and getting the horse into a frame with Linda today, I rode Gumboots and she was awesome. Really really awesome. I loved her. Although I am feeling a little upset in my tummy because my position is still not quite right yet and the barn has decided to stick me on Gumboots for now because Christine took me aside for a little talk today and she is seriously worried that I will break my neck soon. Ah, hello confidence, meet my shoes. =(
Time though, I'm sure with time and more dedication I'll be able to fix this. I am moving up regardless, so it's okay - just don't let this get me down!

OhNoTheyDidnt is my guilty pleasure in life, seriously. Everytime some kind of massive news happens I stay up on it all night, reading the comments and following the updates.

Britney Spears is in hospital again, and this just makes me feel sad. =(

'Back at her house, Britney's psychiatrist told her she was going to the hospital. Her response was, "Is something wrong?" She was not resistant. She made hot chocolate and waited before paramedics arrived and placed her on a gurney.'

My heart broke a little when I read that. Poor girl is surrounded by way too many selfish, poisonous people including her own parents and the man she once loved enough to marry. I don't care what anyone says, no one should wish such a fate onto any human being. I can't believe some people actually want her to die. Celebrity or not, it's just so sad. Brit brit, pull through, I'm still rooting for you! *plays Stronger on repeat*

Its time for me to move along
Its time for me to get it on
I’m tired of singing sad songs
It's time for me
Britney, let’s go!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I agree that it's very sad about Britney. It's hard to imagine her pulling it together after all of this. However, I don't think it's her parents and K-Fed that are the worst. If you haven't read this article, I would:
It's sad, and it explains about her insane manager. I hope she gets some help from this hospitalization (if she'll accept it).

Anyways, lol I think I have commented once before. I ride horses too, so I like reading horse-people's journals (Not a crazy lurker! But no blogger account). And I got really curious when you said " position is still not quite right yet... she is seriously worried that I will break my neck soon." If it's not too embarassing, what's the problem that your trainer was talking about?

Anyways, I understand your feelings. I'm still fairly beginner, but I've read a lot about developing a good seat & dressage, so I know plenty of my faults, but it's a really frustrating battle to try to teach my body to correct them. I'm super-perfectionistic, so I kind of suck the fun out of learning haha.

Omg longest comment everrr, sorry. I still would love to see pictures of the horses & jumping!

Blogger Yin said...
Yeah I've heard about her crazy manager and that selfish papparazi boyfriend of her too! Poor girl. She really needs help!

Oooh I remember you! :D Sorry I haven't got round to posting any photos yet, there really hasn't been any chance to take any photos and the one time I got someone out with a camera it was rainy and foggy and we ended up with nothing. :(

The problem with my position is a bit with my legs..I tend to grip a lot with my knees when jumping (which is usually when things go wrong and I tend to be flung off...a lot. Although maybe it's also because I usually ride the spooky horses lol) and I also tend to have a little bit of a 'chair seat' sometimes. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Hahaha.

How long have you been riding? Do you have a riding journal or something? :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've been riding less than a year, but my family has had horses since before I was born. So I had ridden some through the years before I started actually learning to ride. I don't have a riding journal, although I think I found your journal through equestrian @ LJ. I don't post there. I just like to read equine communities/message boards online to learn :)