Tuesday, January 15, 2008; 10:20 PM
There's something about Mothers...
I swear McCool's mum has this strange obsession with feeding me.

Every ten minutes or so she will try to shove something down my throat, be it with honeyed words or sheer brute force which includes splicing my mouth open with porcelain chopsticks - and I can already predict what words will come out her mouth ever time she speaks to me - it's usually either, "Would you like to eat something?" or "Are you hungry?"or "Here, have some (___insert food here___) !" or Would you like to eat something?" Oh yeah, also "Would you like to eat something?"

I've gotten into the habit where, if I know Mum McCool will be around, I will always quickly grab something to eat or drink beforehand because I know some sort of morsel will be forcibly hauled into my digestion system if I don't insist that "Yes, I've really really already eaten and I'm quite full." and god forbid if I don't have a water bottle in my hand, about a hundred different beverages would quite literally fall into my lap.

Not that it's a bad thing - oh lordy no - it's a very very very good thing, because really, I'd much rather have McCool's mother force food down my tummy rather than shove insults up my arse. I mean, c'mon - girls and their boyfriend's mums don't usually get along like macaroni and cheese but I guess I struck the Lucky Girlfriend Lottery when McCool's mum turned out to be the sweetest lady ever with the need to ensure there is plenty of food inside me. Yes, I think it's quite safe to say she likes me. I like her too, despite the language barrier!! Who wouldn't like someone who constantly presents you with Yummies?? Also, she bears McCool's genes, which automatically grants her Top Place on the Likeable Persons Awards.

Good good, because food is always a good thing and the look of pleased satisfaction on McCool's face everytime I accept some morsel from Mother always makes me glow warmly a little inside, between bites and exclamations of "Yes yes, it's delicious, it's enough to eat!! No really, it's enough!" Even McCool admits that Mother McCool loooooves feeding me, I think I should count my blessings.

Yeah, I definitely struck the Lucky Girlfriend Lottery. I mean, c'mon. Handsome, tall, rich, and a complete sweetheart who treats me like a Princess, plus I also will never starve for the rest of my life as long as Mother McCool exists..... I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal! Did I also mention he now has a private bathroom? Heck yeah I'm in this for the long run!! =)

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