Monday, January 28, 2008; 10:51 PM
we're going to hell for this
MJY : "Right now I'm a single man who wants some time to himself. My 'me' times are like when I take a dump or something, y'know?"

Yin : "Of course, you idiot. Everyone needs some 'me' time. I mean, you don't see me and McCool taking a dump together, do you?"

MJY : "I dunno, how would that work? Would it be like splitting the toilet in half? It'd be like, here, you sit on that side and I sit on this half..."

Yin : "Nah, I think it's a lot easier if he just sat on the bowl with his legs spread and I sit on his lap and just aim through the hole between his legs..."

MJY : "Oh my god, what if your shit hits his ding dong though?! What do they call that?? Dipshit? Oh, Shit on a stick!!"


Yin : "Sammy's just gotten her second shot for cervical cancer and apparently it hurts like a bitch, so I think I'm not going to get mine done."

MJY : "Are you crazy? Just get it done! Prevention is better than cure. It's cancer, man!"

Yin : "Yeah, but if it's painful for Sammy, I'll probably faint. The needle is huge!"

MJY : "You're such a wuss! Why are you scared of a needle? Oh man, you know, I'd so totally take the shot with you! Only, you know, I don't have a..."

Yin : "...cervix."

MJY : "Yeah, one of those."


MJY : "That was really quick!!!"

Yin : "I'm a guy, I don't spend hours in a toilet."

MJY : "Right, you know it's kinda hard for a guy to pee."

Yin : "I think you're bordering on Too Much Information..."

MJY : "No, seriously, you gotta know this stuff. It's hard to aim right. Sometimes mine shoots out in two different streams, two different directions."



MJY : "I really wanna meet someone special and settle down, get married, y'know? But that doesn't look likely nowadays. Maybe I won't meet anyone. Maybe I'll end up gay."

Yin : "Well, tell me if you turn gay and I'll turn gay with you."

MJY : "How will that work? We can't be together if we're gay, you'll be lesbian and I'll be gay."

Yin : "Yeah, but we can still be friends...or something."

MJY : "Oh yeah, and we can have like massive homo orgies."

*arkward silence*

MJY : "That sounded so wrong!!!"

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