Saturday, January 5, 2008; 12:21 AM
What will tomorrow bring?
I've submitted my three week's notice at Coffee Bean.

In three weeks I shall be jobless!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Haha, I know it's not really something that should be celebrated, but I felt so liberated after I did it! I mean, I love the job - I love the people (OH I love the people!!), I love my co-workers to death and it's also place full of fond memories where McCool first plucked up the courage to say Hello to me. =)

Today I stayed back even after my shift had ended until the store closed to help my favourite co-worker, Gracie, close the store. She drove me home and we remembered the hilarious things that have ever happened whilst we worked there - like me attempting to put a plastic plate in the grill, or the "blowjob" she gave to the coffee machine, or the grill that burst into flames twice during my shift. I love working with Gracie, she's the best!! It's virtually impossible for anyone to not like her.

Anyways, the CEO of Coffee Bean spoke to me about my resignation (and I was so freaking out) but you know, I've worked here for so long now - and he offered me an open position so that I could come back and work whenever I want, if I ever want to. =)
Gracie also offered me an open position at another store she manages, so that's two open job offers for me already just in case Life doesn't turn out as sweet as it should and I run headlong into a financial crisis.

(Still I could always just live off McCool's bank account. Ssssshhhh, don't tell him. >D )

Also, a student from Blinkbonnie gave me a surprise by ringing me up yesterday and inviting me to go down to the bay with her for a 2 hour horse trail ride!!! YESSS!!! I've been wanting to go on a ride for ages - horsesick anyone, now that Blinkbonnie is closed for holidays?? So Yay I shall be galloping along the beach next Tuesday and I can barely wait. =)

I love how McCool texts me randomly during the day just to say Hey. =))) I love it!! Today I got to see him for a short while before going in to work and he hugged me from behind as I'm standing in front of the mirror - like he always does - I love it whenever he does it and I just want to squee! *^__^* Also he very gentlemanly treated me to a nice lunch with just the two of us (it's been a while!!), so that's more than one way he shows he loves me today. =))) also the way he looks at me but okay this blog will turn into borderline mush-fest if i go there XD

Life couldn't get any sweeter - except, you know - BRITNEY SPEARS IS IN HOSPITAL AND I SINCERELY HOPES SHE'LL BE OKAY!!! D: D: D:
Get better Brit Brit, I'm still rooting for you! Hang in there, bb!!! <333

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