Tuesday, January 22, 2008; 12:36 AM
you give me something
I kinda really love my job.

AUGH. Why is it that now I've submitted my resignation I start to realize what an awesome job I have? Hahahaha! I mean, seriously. To be dead honest, I am kinda over my job. I wake up to open the store thinking that this is the shittest thing on earth and I don't wanna do it anymore. But then once my co-workers come in to work, it becomes the Most Awesome Workplace In The Universe.

Also, who else has their co-worker/manager phone you at random times during the day just to see if you're okay and to say Hi? I LOVE YOU GRACIE MARRY ME. I no longer shudder at my workplace number blinking on my phone because more often than not it's one of my colleagues ringing me up for a friendly chat. Today Fire Twirler worked with me again and it was so great - because he's my shrink, my Oprah and sniff sniff having a patient, listening ear is so good.
And then Gracie couldn't make her shift so she rang me when I got home and screamed into my ear all the latest gossip and IAMSOHAPPYOMG. ;___; I have people who look out for me, it's such a good feeling. And, teehee, who else has their co-workers as Facebook friends? xD

Plus, I love my customers. They are the best customers you could every wish for. Every barista wants customers like mine because they are just so damn awesome.


And Sammy forced me off my sorry ass to watch some dodgy latest TVB drama with her online, so we were screaming at each other, trying to coordinate our buffering speeds and it was so funny and it reminded me of the good ol' days when we used to have crazy fun like that. Ah, you never know who's there for you until you need it. =) I am so thankful for her distraction because otherwise god knows what things would have run through my mind as I spent another afternoon alone at home. Bloody hell, but I got so bored of the TVB drama halfway through that I begged her to let me stop hahahaha. They just don't make them the same as they used to anymore!

MJY also rang me up halfway through my solitary confinement and chatted to me for a good 45 minutes as he walked down the streets of Melbourne to keep me company on the phone UFUHUHUHUHUHU. T_____T I have such good friends.

So what with my phone ringing off the hook with people calling to keep me company, me keeping myself busy and distracted with working on the Secret Project, work being awesome (I stayed back a whole extra hour today because I just didn't wanna leave!), the barn open for riding again - things are finally starting to fall into place and everything doesn't look so bleak and depressing anymore. It's funny how one little thing can trigger a whole myriad of events that barely even connect to each other. It all started with one email, which lead to a smile, which by some karmic way of the Universe triggered phonecalls and songs and MSN conversations. Which ultimately led to me feeling a hundred times better about myself and my self-worth, which is the most important thing of all. =)

Everyone was right, things do get better. And I'm glad you took the time to talk to me for a little bit today even though you're busy at your sister's place. It made me happy~!

The skies are clearing up. =)

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