Friday, February 29, 2008; 11:43 PM
A bit of everything
I've been dreaming of the things
I've learnt about a boy whose bleeding,
celebrate to elevate
I will take you as you are
Please accept me as I am
Knowing you, knowing my
ignorance to more then life

Calling out for extra help
you've got to let me in or let me out

Lyrics from About A Boy, which coincidentally is one of my more favoured movies. Anyways, I've finally completed Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney, with much much head spillage and migraines along the way. Who would've thought murder cases could be so complicated? I now know that law is certainly not my true calling - although my brother did look at the game and testified that a real court of law is nothing like Phoenix Wright (well, DUH.) because if it was, I would enrol into law school immediately!

okay, maybe I just want to point my finger at random people and yell 'Objection!!!'
McCool has been the victim of my new-fangled crime-solving blood lately as I commit myself to finding suspicious evidence in the most mundane of everyday items, the latest being a carton from a McDonald's chicken burger lying very suspiciously outside his post box. Suspicious! It's suspicious!

Time to download the next three games in the franchise!!! *cackles gleefully*

My ex-coworkers have been contacting me, asking me to come back to work. T___T I...I... I AM TOUCHED!!! I have already devised a plan. If indeed I do end up working on bonus shift next week and a customer orders a wrong drink, or orders something stupid - I will point my finger at said customer and yell, "OBJECTION!!!!"
That, is my new goal in life.

Ah, to make coffee again.... even just once... =D

Tomorrow I am back working at the barn after a much prolonged absence - read: bankrupt and I have been shoving all my stablehand duties to Lisa with much guilt on my part. XD But still, it will be good to go back to work after such a long break, my butt has been growing in size and I can hear it protesting from here! Certainly these muscles need toning too. Must! not! abandon! abs! Also McCool has been playing around with "alleged flab" on my arms, much to my horror. I DO NOT DO FLAB. Despite his valiant attempts to refute the word "flab", instead replacing it with "soft flesh", I have to find that both 'flab' and 'soft flesh' .... jiggles!! That's right, they jiggle! I don't feel it and I certainly don't notice it and I most definitely don't see it, but if someone claims I have "flab / soft flesh", then it's time to do something about it!!! There's something about working at the barn which produces automatically toned muscles...

Also, I know I have been abandoning Sketch A Day for quite a few days now. Man, it's only just started and already I have been slack. I have a good excuse though!

...No, not really. BUT. I will make it up. Like today, I have a sketch for today.

Random quick Cleris fanart, if you must, especially since I haven't done any in a long while and yet I was still awarded an award for one of the best fanartists on the pink Cleris forums. *hides under a rock in shame*

Also, I tried my very first alcohol a few nights ago in McCool's room - the circumstances under which it was consumed was unfortunately quite unfortunate - to sum things up, we were fighting, I was crying, his beer glass ended up in my hand while he went to pee and in my fit of emotion, I threw the contents of said glass down my throat.
Not very pleasant... first thoughts : FIZZY!!! Next : BITTER!!! Next : BURNING!!!
And then the room started to spin and pointless laughter set in.

....That stuff is dangerous! Plus, it tasted real gross. I'm never going near alcohol again until my 21st birthday if I can persuade myself to try a few more sips of nicer tasting drinks.

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