Monday, February 4, 2008; 12:40 PM
fandom, coffee, and a whole lot o' happy
Seriously, do we really need pages and pages long worth of posts arguing wheter Maiden Over The Planet (Aerith's story in the FF7 Compilation) is canon or not?! My fandom is slowly but surely killing my brain, lolz. One of the reasons why I don't really post that much anymore - it keelz the love! The looove!! (of two entirely fictional video game characters made out of pixels BUT okaynvm.)

I also still have to write an essay for the new DF website (um, I have been lazy) and I think I will do that today whilst I have the free time. Also, I better not let McCool catch me writing an analytical essay for a video game coupling because he will point and laugh the geek out of me and then I will proceed to smash his Xbox with a mallet, which really does not sound healthy, no? Ah well, it's just an essay. No biggie. The pink people have been waiting for it for a while and I daren't dissapoint! I daresay I'll rather enjoy writing it, since I haven't been involved in the pink fandom for so long. (A conscious effort to suppress my inner geek perhaps?! It almost came out again when I saw the Aerith PlayArts figure in stores the other day and squee-ed ever so loudly, startling poor MJY right out of his skin.)

We're having a Yum Cha reunion lunch thingamajing tomorrow for Chinese New Year and I am gleefully looking forward to it because it's been soooo long since I've seen most of my friends from Uni! Me and MJY have made a pact to eat unlimited amounts of congee (him) and mango pudding (me) otherwise a waiter shall be brutally slaughtered.

I really should venture out from the confinements of my home today to buy new razor blades (shaving armpits with blunt blades are really bad) and perhaps some crumpets to enjoy with my Tightarse Toaster named Toasty. I can't be bothered though, because PJs are so comfy! Plus, I'm already sunburnt enough. If only something could motivate me, hmm, like a Vanilla Sky. //lame

Me and McCool are delving into the realms of first shared commitment yet, with plans to buy a coffee machine! I can't wait, because I must perfect that rosetta before starting to free pour bunnies and lions and swans into my coffee which I do not drink. I think it would be a good thing, because then everytime we argue all I have to do is free pour a cute lil creature in espresso and use it as a peace offering (along with the threat off "If we break up I get the coffee machine!!!11! Say Goodbye to Affogato forevaahh!1!!!" but of course we will never break up I am just saying you know, like an emergency fire drill kinda thing. eep. also he has a PS3 and I need that for FF13 so there is no way we are breaking up until that game comes out lol but you know i am kidding babe we will always be together *cheese*) She shall be our baby, a beautiful mould of 15 bar pump pressure, heat exchanger, semi-automatic machine of pure steel and endurance, with the ability to brew and steam at the same time, coiled tube maintaining pressure and ideal temperatures for both shot extractions and milk frothing most could only dream of. The height of excellence and elegance and beauty, the pride and joy in our new beginning towards coffee excellence!
(Why do I have a feeling I will devote more time to this machine than McCool devotes to XBox? I think the constant whirring of steaming froth will soon become a background noise more familiar than the flushing of toilets, also this means I think I will have to equate for a fair share towards the amount of the electricity bill usage at the McCool residence, also I will have to buy a 'No Touching Without Permission Or I Will Eat Your Dog!!1!11!' sign to hang on my beautiful baby whilst I am not experimenting on perfecting my milk steaming techniques and I will probably freak and make sure everyone washes their hands and holds their breath before going in a 5 meter radius of my precious darling.)
Ah, so many perks of being a barista. I personally feel that being a barista is one of the classiest and sexiest occupations around. We be so cool, flippin' our lattes and extractin' our shots whilst looking smokin' hott at the same time. C'mon, everyone wants to date a barista. Even McCool admits that my uniform makes me look like the best fine thing since mocha lattes.

I'm gonna miss the barista lifestyle where all we do is make coffee and stand around looking cool, enjoying envious looks from people passing by, while of course earning more than your average chef. *weeps dramatically*

Also, I think all of you should definitely abuse my HUGS BUTTON!!! It's been sitting there on my right hand menu for ages, a little bit abandoned. =D

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