Thursday, February 21, 2008; 7:39 PM
happy end of new year
I'm getting so used to being ditched by my brother. I hate dinner time, gah.

I'm getting used to this again. It's a little bit sad, but it's not much difference to what I was once used to anyway. I think I might go for a little walk soon, just because the sunset looks promising and also there's supposed to be a lunar eclipse tonight. And indulge myself in some ice-cream from the milk bar - the uncle who runs the store is very nice.

What else can one do in solitary-ditched-ness? I can't remember what I used to do way back when. There's only so much Ouendan one can play (and might I say that it is a sinfully addictive game!) and there's nothing good on TV either and I suppose I could always call a friend to chat, but of course everyone else will be enjoying themselves with their family - and UGH bro, if not for you I would be at my highschool reunion dinner right now having a blast - but never mind, I'm used to this.

Not even a single word, but all I can do is wait.

Also, I think in order to motivate myself to work on my showreel, I will start drawing more, so I have made a resolution to Draw-A-Day. (let's just hope I'll stick to it!) I will attempt to draw something every day, even if it is just a 5 second unidentifiable doodle of a cat taking a dump. You know. Hopefully it will get me out of my year-long art slump as well as give me something fresh to think about every day.
Anyways, doodle for today, done in MS Paint because my computer ran out of RAM for any other program to run.

It started out as the 7-UP dude, only now it's the 7-Up dude and Usopp's sexually confused love child, because he/she looks like a girl and has a long nose. Okay, anyways. Take That! *phoenix wright stance*

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