Wednesday, February 6, 2008; 11:56 PM
Happy New Year
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrate it!!! =]

I had a great New Year's Eve, despite this being my first New Year's away from my family and I had foreseen a boring new year alone at home. Instead, McCool's family invited me to their Reunion Dinner and it would be the first time I'm meeting the 'Big Boss' aka Dad McCool.

Okay, time to panic.

I brushed my teeth twice, as an idea of my level of panic. Haha! McCool whisked by to pick me up in the afternoon, listened to me pester him about wheter I should wear a skirt or jeans x826372 times, and then swept me to the Belgian beer cafe where we idled and flirted our way through the evening. When the time finally came for me to meet the Big Boss, I panicked and completely forgot the greeting I had rehearsed in the perfect-est Chinese I could muster, which was "Nice to meet you Uncle, Happy and Prosperous New Year!"
Instead what came out of my mouth sounded suspiciously like a fish flopping around the lines of "Hiyaunclehowyou?" as I shaked his hand clammily. I didn't even introduce myself. I wanted to die. AGH. agh agh agh. And then I ran away as fast as I politely could while McCool shook his head in amusement.

Oh, the dinner went fairly well though, despite it being another dinner with all his cousins and extended family. I felt a lot more in place as I did previously especially as I've gotten closer to Sisters McCool. It was nice actually. I genuinely enjoyed myself. It was good. =]

Yeah, it's been a great start to a fantastic New Year. Here's to all good things that will come! *clinks toast*

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