Thursday, February 7, 2008; 10:23 PM
I have seen them
I have seen them.

The Edison Chen/Gillian Chung/Cecilia Cheung sex scandal pictures, I have seen them. Oh my eyes, my eyes, they bleeeeed~!!!! This is what happens when one camps on Ohnotheydidnt! for way too long.

Edison's apology totally cracked me up though.... LOL at "strange strange ordeal" (yes, it is very strange.) and "let's help the wounded heal their wounds". I LMFAOed for a good ten minutes or so. xDDD Dude, what are you on about? He sounds like he's talking about some horrible act of terrorism or some sort of natural disaster - it's just nekkid photos!! You took 'em, you're famous, you should expect that they will be leaked if you don't delete them straightaway, now just suck it up and laugh! It's not like anyone's never seen anyone nekkid before, srzly.

Although I must admit I'm a little dissapointed at.... the unsatisfactory size of Edison's nookies, lolz. Oh, I used to have the hots for Edison Chen. He's hot! Also, the fact that he's posing in all those pictures made me LOLOLOLOL until I had no breath left to LOL no more.

Now sit back and watch all the stereotyping of 'Asian sizes' explode.

Oh Edison, to think that you once made me all fangirly and bothered whenever you appeared on-screen. Don't worry bb, I'd still hit that. Even though you can be such a ridiculous douchebag, but you provide the Lulz anyway. Case in point :

LOLOLZ bb, srzly?!

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Anonymous mc jan said...
look at the specially made video, he didnt really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for compension as he is careless about keeoing the photo as showing off to his friends. here's a hot debate over his video:

Blogger Yin said...
Thanks for the link, but I don't really care about nekkid TVB stars. XD

Anonymous Shez said...
LOLOLZ @ ze commentz therr 8D.
... 'small'
... 'bushy'


Blogger Yin said...
I know, rite? It's hilarious. XDDDD