Wednesday, February 20, 2008; 6:26 PM
Well, whatever.
Anyways, I finally got the long-awaited micro SD card for the Nintendo DS and I've been on a DS spree. Phoenix Wright is awesome and just as equally FRUS-TRA-TING. Did I mention I hate lawyers? Yes, well, I hate lawyers. Maybe I'm just too stupid and impatient for games like Phoenix Wright, haha, but it is fun oh very fun. Me thinks I should download the latest Apollo Justice too.

Big M has been a blessing in disguise, sending me all the games I should be playing and programs for trimming the sizes and stuff. Very very cool. So on this rainy, extremely mundane and uneventful day, my time has been spent yelling at Phoenix Wright in frustration and greedily gobbling whatever juicy morsels Big M sends my way.

Also, how cute is Chocobo Fables!? I almost fell of my chair in delight when the Vivi lookalike appeared.

In other news, I am being very careful with my finances because I am currently unemployed and completely unmotivated to look for a new job. Something about the responsibilities of growing up... hahaha. I must admit, it is quite nice to be able to relax around without worrying about work, but one can only be a bum for so long. I can't seem to wipe out the niggling feeling that I'll be returning to Coffee Bean after renovations... not that I mind, just that it's not really financially beneficial on my part, heh. I really should start drawing again. SO UNMOTIVATED UGH.

Well, life is boring mostly - broke, unemployed and well, bored - but it's not too bad really, I suppose one must really thank the DS gods for the blessings of this little magical hand-held console!