Friday, February 15, 2008; 2:10 PM
Phew phew phew phew phew.

I am so glad it's the 15th now because it means that horrible day of lovey-dovey and presents and roses is over! Usually I love love love Valentine's Day (because I get to take home hordes of cards and roses! plus it's cute to see happy couples everywhere) but this year, Valentine's Day sucked major major majorly. Possibly one of the worsts I've ever had. Long story cut short, it sucked. That is all. Thanks, Hallmark for making a celebration out of nothing.

I have my IELTS exam tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it either even though I know both me and McCool will ace it with no problems. On Monday we are meeting up with our buddies from Uni again so that will be fun too.

I still have that essay to write for the pink forums, lol. No, I haven't done it yet even though I said I would. I'll do it tonight, before the admins set their dogs on me. XD

This is a merely spammy post with no real point to it whatsoever, I just needed to rant a little about the suck-tacular Valentine's Day I had. D: This year I hate hate hate Valentine's Day, and for more reasons than the fact that it culminated into a horrendous sob-fest at the end of the night too. D: Ugh, gawds, this year's sucked so bad.

I hope you guys at least had a better one than I did. D: