Friday, February 22, 2008; 9:01 PM
Um, random anyone?
So, another uneventful day in the Yin camp, spent staring at Facebook and playing Ouendan and Phoenix Wright on repeat. Man....I need a life. I would have gone into the city to mug around with my buddy MJY but... oh, did you see the wind outside??? I can't be bothered battling it, also I just did my laundry and I can't be bothered to potentially dirty my clean clothes again. //Excuses excuses.
Yes, it is just me being lazy. No, I do not have a life. Desperately need one though, hey my birthday is in a couple of months, maybe I should ask for a life. My brother woke up this morning and came out of his room and let out a yell of shock. My buttocks jumped five feet of the chair and turned around in alarm and he pointed at me, "This is the third day in a row you've been home!! What's going on!?!?!"

Why, thank you for pointing it out, Captain Obvious. Tsk tsk tsk. Mind you, I would certainly not sit at home three days in a row if only I had a.... a purpose to go outside! Taking out the trash does not count.
..........Man, I need a full-time life and a full-time boyfriend. It's just a fact!

Also, Big M looks down on me now because I cannot, to the best of my abilities, pass Level 1 on Super Mario Bros. Goddamit, is it me or are those turtles with a purpose : take Yin down before she reaches the finish line. Mario is cute, but he would be a lot cuter if he had the power to shoot killer spaghetti italian laser beams at enemies instead of shabbily trying to jump on their heads. Who takes down enemies by jumping on heads anyway?! I think I should take to jumping off balconies onto heads of passer-bys that look suspicious. Hey, Mario can't be wrong!

I have been scaring off potential employers with my hyper sounding emails and Cover Letters, I think it's the abundance of '!!!!!!' I use at the end of every sentence. No wonder I still can't get a job. Hmm. Either that or maybe I JUST HAVE BEEN TOO LAZY TO DEVELOP MY PORTFOLIO AAAAAAHHH also my resume is kinda maybe a bit too long and overbearing at 5 pages but I got an email back from a Games Studio today - they must be impressed with my fangirly perfumed pink cover letter!!! And I will have to send in a portfolio A.S.A.P because they cannot wait to know this girl who is all about Cloud and Aerith and pink and yellow flowers and unicorns.
Or not.
But let's keep our fingers crossed!!

Anyways, sketch of the day is a quick Phoenix Wright x Mia Fey fanart, because I love them together and Maya can be very annoying. (click for larger original size)

I AM SORRY I don't know how to do his impossible gravity-defying spikes and also he looks too bishie to be true, BUT SHUSH of course he has to be bishie, I am after all a Professional Fangirl and all males, in my eyes, must be bishie!!

Wow, seeing my crappy art like this really makes me realize how much polishing up I have to work on. Well, a year without proper art does this to you, I suppose.

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