Wednesday, March 19, 2008; 1:08 AM
Ah, you know what I want? What I need?

Right now, what I need is a holiday. A real holiday. Technically, I am on holiday because I'm unemployed and not studying, but I don't mean that kind of holiday. I mean a getaway. Oh god, I need a getaway.

A real holiday. Not just to any place, but to somewhere nice. A beach!!! A nice, long stretch of neverending white sand. A comfy hotel with cozy white and brown sheets, minibar and verandah overlooking the ocean. And room service!! Shit, it's been way too long since I've gone on a real vacation and stayed in a real hotel and walked on a real beach at night looking for crabs. I want to feel the sea breeze in my hair again and sand between my toes! I want to get away from modern, contemporary city life! I want to go on holiday and forget about all the cares in the world! I want to feel young again!! Lately I've been feeling like I'm about 81 years old and a gazillion white hairs will pop put of my head. My youth!! I want it back!!!! Aaaahh!!

I want to just scream and jump into a pool without caring! I want to kick my shoes off and go running along the shoreline! I want to stay up till 3 am playing cards and pillowfights and laughing my socks off!! I want to fall asleep tired but happy!! I want to eat with my hands and not care!! I want to play Truth or Dare!! I want to listen to scary stories at night and freak myself out!! I want to see how long I can stand still in the water before the waves wash all the sand away!! I want to build sandcastles! I want to collect sea shells! I want to erase the existence of city life drama from my brain! I want to return to simplicity, to normalcy. I want to return to naiveity, innocence, ecstatic, euphoric amounts of happiness, gut-busting laughter, healthy, happy, not-a-care-in-the world existence! I want someone with me doing all these things!

Even if just for a short escape, I need an escape. Oh the beach. Oh for a holiday by the beach! *wishful thinking* Sigh..