Friday, March 14, 2008; 3:17 PM
Jobs and stuff
Hmm, okay, it's been about a week or so since I last blogged and I deserve to be flushed down the Blogging Toilet Bowl of Sin, but but but! My excuse is that I have been trying to pull together several job applications to secure my future financial status and perhaps earn my way towards that dream horse and dream house and dream car and dream job. Besides thinking about job applications, I have been somewhat slack in actually applying for them, so I've put my portfolio together and am now going to dedicate this blogging hour into listing down companies which I will apply for a junior artist position :

1. Big Ant Studios (and I've already got the green light from them to send in my stuff so that's one finger crossed)
2. Complete Post
3. Tantalus Interactive
4. Acheron Design
5. Endgame Studios
6. Infinite Interactive
7. Transmission Games (IR Gurus)
8. Iron Monkey Studios
9. Torus Games
10. Red Tribe
11. Visual Jazz
12. Act3 Animation Studios
13. BlueTongue Entertainment
14. Firemint
15. Studio Moshi

Ugh, headaches. I hate applying for jobs. With me spamming all these companies, you'd think at least one of them would accept me, right? All my itty bitty ten fingers and toes are crossed.

Anyways, enough about that teeth-gnashing business. Last night was a bizarre experience, because I had to sleep in my own bed again after some time sleeping in McCool's bed - and the strange thing is that I couldn't fall asleep. Not because of anything, but BECAUSE when I stay over at the McCool residence, he snores. Oh, he snores like anything. Like a lawn mover on high speed revving into my ear. Usually I want to stuff styrofoam up his nostril to turn off the noise and sometimes I resort to desperate measures (such as lifting his hand and dropping it several times and checking for snoring rings on his pinky) but last night - there was no snoring!!!

And I was not used to there being no annoying loud noise in my ear so I couldn't sleep. What! It must be the most bizarre case of sleep-deprivation ever. Also, I think I should keep a recording of his snoring and place it next to my pillow next time to ease me to sleep - although that would put me on the CNN headlines for psycho behaviour.

Also when he drinks his body temperature is searing hot and when we sleep with my head on his arm, and although I thoroughly enjoy it, IT BURNS and it is so hot and I just want to push him to the other side of my bed and fling the blanket on the floor. Then it would be nice and cool, and last night I had my bed to myself and there was no hot hot arm to melt my skin and I thought, "Oh, how nice!" but then I found my pillow too cold and tossing and turning around didn't help, so despite it being a 30 degree night, I put my teddy on top of my pillow so my head was propped at just the right uncomfortable angle, teddy's fur acting as insulation for heat. And thus, I finally fell asleep.

I bet McCool would be howling with laughter when he reads this.

On Saturday it will be 35 degrees and higher and I will absolutely melt and burn into a fine crisp because I will be working at the barn all day long - hay season too! Somebody please save my soul. AAAAHHH.

Does anybody have the original Sega Nights Soundtrack? And the Christmas Nights Soundtrack? The old-school ones, not the shithouse Wii one. For some reason I've lost them and I will love you forever if someone can send them my way.

Oh yeah, sketch of the day. Really rough, I'm so not in the mood.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi Yin~

it's been sooo long eh D= best of luck on your job applications! You've graduaded now as well so congrats to that too ^__^ haha you know what i do with snoring guys? I pinch their nose so they can't breath then they shall swat my hand off without them realising that it's me -__- but it doesn't exactly work lol. O the only snoring recording i've ever done is of my dad's snoring...once, but that is just to make him know that he actually snores really loudly when he sleeps lol i'm such a horrible daughter i know XP

sorry that i don't have any of those OSTs that you want. That sketch of the day is nice and simple though~ but i know you can do much much better than that =) just don't procrastinate so much (am no place to tell anyone that actually hehe)