Sunday, March 16, 2008; 5:17 PM
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what am I doing??!?!?!??!

I should be writing my cover letter for job applications, I should be burning copy after copy of my portfolio to distribute to various companies, I should be thinking of getting my website up and running again -- I should be out at a funky cafe listening to a live jazz band and drinking lemon lime no fizz, on the rocks!!!

AAAHHH why am I lying at home on my computer, staying away from the sun and wiltering into a mess of procastination and umotivation!?! LOL.

MJY keeps making excuses for me not getting off my arse and doing some work, and I gladly accept his excuses, also adding the fact that my computer is slower than the slowest snail in the Guinness Book of Records, which makes the task of opening MS Word and actually typing a cover letter a very daunting one, which will take no less than a bucketload of agony and a bald head as a result.

Aaaahhh I'm sooo bored. It's soooo hot outside. I'm just being whiny at the moment, so bear with me. My uncle is picking me up for dinner in about two hours and I've spent my day whining to people online about how hot it is and how bored I am and it makes me feel a little bit better because my friends are just as bored and Big M is stuck watching downloaded movies and MJY's Adobe broke down and so he's about as badly off as me and - what can I say - Misery Loves Company. Also, we are all young and beautiful and we should be spending our weekends being bored at some trendy establishment, perving on pretty boys and girls, or barbeque-ing on the beach in sunnies and shorts. Except that it is almost 40 degrees outside and nothing short of a life-threathening earthquake would persuade me to leave the comfort of my dingy apartment right now, with the blinds drawn firmly down and my short shorts. *turns on some Micheal Buble*

I wonder what McCool is doing? At least his computer is fast, the lucky man, why do I have the feeling I'll end up typing my cover letter and burning my portfolios on his computer?? Aaahhh procastination, how you get the better of me, and how I let you.

I haven't even done any Sketch of the Day. Aaaahh blame the heat, blame the weather, always blame the weather!

Lemon lime no fizz lemon lime no fizz lemon lime no fizz on the roooccckkkssssss~~

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