Wednesday, March 5, 2008; 5:00 PM
So I went back to work at Coffee Bean yesterday just to help out KK who couldn't fill his shift, and uh, it was boring and I am suddenly kinda glad that I did quit when I did. However Chloe made me work one more shift next week so I have to do one more day of boring-ness, but it's okay I guess? Especially since my wallet has been feeling suspiciously light nowadays. Not that making coffee brings in much bucks, but you get the idea.

McCool's sister practised her facial skills on me the other night and oh, the things I let myself go through. It must be me, but do you girls seriously enjoy getting facials done? Your skin poked and prodded and pinched in every position imaginable? I squirmed everytime she touched my neck, but I suppose nothing could be worse than being kicked by a horse. I must admit, she was quite good at it though, and the massage she gave me at the end was very welcome. Her parting words of "hoping to use me for more facials in the future" sent a shiver down my spine, but I suppose I will endure it anyway, for the sake of my epidermis! I could feel them celebrating at being clean for a change, haha. Oh, my poor skin - I owe you so much!

Oh ya, have a Sketch of the day :

I can't draw cars usually...I need some sort of photo reference when I want to draw something from real-life accurately, which in my opinion is a big No-No, so I decided to draw a car anyway, in tribute to my heart and my bum jumping ten feet out of the chair in shock everytime McCool yells at 500 decibels at the TV everytime he crashes in Burnout Paradise, bless his soul. Oh, my poor heart! Spooking at sudden loud noises will now be added to my list of abilities.

So yes, here is a car. It's quick and strange-looking and undeniably very messy, but it's a car nonetheless! I hope it looks like it's speeding to you, hahaha.

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