Sunday, April 20, 2008; 1:19 PM
Forum n00bs drive me nuts
With all my free time lately, I've been getting back into the fandom side of things - mainly the pinks forums and ACF. I don't post as regularly because the pink forums have turned into something rather elitist that I'd rather not partake in - must be all the backstabbing and gossiping about other members behind their backs - but anyways some of my old friends are still posting there so I go back as well. (plus, can't abandon modly duties! Internetz = seriaz business.)

Anyways, there's been a continuing influx of newbies ever since Advent Children was released and most lately there's this new member who just DRIVES ME TOTALLY FRICKIN' INSANE. Holy carp woman, can you type properly?! Can you not type obscenities IN CAPS LOCK about how eval! Tifa is and how stupid Cloud/Tifa shippers are?! I don't care about it, other members don't want to read about it, and every single post does not have to be about you yelling what a skank Tifa is and how Clotis should jump off the face of the earth.

And then there's her blatantly ignoring my civil PMs to stay on-topic and post properly - ajgdsajhgda unfortunately there's only so much I can do as a mod - and I can't really warn her or kick her off the forums for posting how she feels, even though IT DRIVES US NUTS all the time. Plus she stole art and tried to pass it off as her own in the Fanart forum and even though we clocked in on it and shut down the thread, it still makes me wonder in astonishment the lengths people will go in order to gain respect ON THE INTERNETZ.

Ho mai. All this over a fictional pairing!

End of rant. *gets off my soap box*

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
seems like i'm not the only one having to clean up drama D=


Blogger Yin said...
Thank you!!! ^___^