Wednesday, April 23, 2008; 7:34 PM
it starts from my toes
makes me crinkle my nose

It's been such an unpredictable day today - one minute I'm completely normal and laughing at random internet videos and the next minute I'll be crying over nothing. It's been like that at varying times throughout the day today, ugh, I don't think this is good for my mental health. These crazy emotional swings have stopped lately and everything has been so perfect for the past few months or so, and now suddenly it feels like I'm on the roller coaster again - and the tiniest things set me off, even watching Friends makes me cry for no reason and then I laugh and then I cry again and then I get angry for no explicable reason akdjhagdhaksdhjjaksdhjashda akjhasd, in CG's words : I FEEL LIKE THE SPAWN OF SATAN.

I feel like there's a lot of things to say and do but no time for any of it. It's because we're always waiting, watching, wondering and hoping and worrying about repercussions, whatifs, setbacks, outcomes, risks and the like. There's so many varying differences and circumstances that leads to hesitation which in turn leads to people never ever really saying or doing what's on their mind.

This whole mood-swinging thing has got to stop, although my only known cure so far seems quite unattainable. To look on the bright side, I guess I've got it under control by not letting it affect my interactions with people around me. Also, I guess it's a blessing that I get to feel so many powerful emotions? I'm aliveee~!!! ♥

you make me smile
baby just take your time
holding me tight

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