Monday, April 7, 2008; 5:44 PM
Pain, pain, go away
Oooo-kay, haven't updated in a long time. Personal issues and all that jazz, also I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED and have been receiving countless rejection letters in the mail oh boo-hoo.

But anyways.

All is well on the Yin front - 'well' meaning nothing is going too wrong at the moment. First off, I am dying from pain and had to give up a day of glorious shopping at the mall because of TEH PAIN and I am just drying and groaning and weeping in bed, mourning my long-awaited day of shopping (because retail therapy is as crucial as chocolate, and everyone knows how crucial that is). McCool was kind enough to give me a very sympathetic grin just before he closes the door to go shopping without me... The blasphemy! I can only poke needles in his voodoo doll with vicious ferocity while he wanders through the shopping aisles, wondering why his right arm feels broken. He better buy me something nice (expensive is a good bonus too) or else he will feel pain!

Edit : Oh, he just got back -- with empty hands!!! Raaahhh!! Apparently the florist was closed or something. Well I'm sure the diamond store would've been open!! Hey, gimme a break, this time of the month is the only time I can be fairly unreasonable. *wink wink* The only thing that pacifies me at this moment is his promises of flowers tomorrow.... or else!

Anyways, nothing new on the job front, as already mentioned.

Fandom news, however - I have completed Ouendan 2 four times! On all difficulty levels, and Rank A for each level too! Bwahahahahaha!! I've also started playing Crisis Core and whilst I'm no big fan of Zack, young!Aerith is simply adorable. A few things she says seems a bit OOC, but oh well. Cloud is cute too. I'm getting addicted to this game, I only wish there were more CG cutscenes of Aerith. And if I hear "Conflict resolved!" one more time, I will have to choke a bitch.

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