Saturday, April 26, 2008; 1:30 AM
will you count me in?
I am bored - but hey, what else is new? It's almost as if the Internet knows when I leave McCool's place to go back to my flat and turns completely unexciting - no updates on LiveJournal, no new posts on the pink forums, no friends online on MSN to bother either.

Also, it's started to rain - not very fun to think of the muddy, wet, sloshy horse paddocks at work tomorrow.

I swear Facebook has some higher power controlling it, because the horoscope section is eerily accurate. Yesterday it said I would have a heated argument with a loved one, and indeed McCool and I did have a bust-up in the city yesterday!! Also previously it has predicted other key events in my life, such as activities with my friends, health status (scarily it predicted my tummy cramps) and too many more to list - but it has been so reliable that nowadays I take to checking it religiously in the morning when I wake up, just to see what the day has in store.

Anyways, things are going quite well lately - my old boss from Coffee Bean called to try and set me up with the company's Graphic Designer to see if I could do some work for the company or undertake an apprenticeship - and although the idea of creating boring posters for a coffee company is not at all thrilling to me - it's a step through the door and certainly the income would be most welcome! I am saving up for a trip to Japan - and if I'm lucky enough, a trip to Sydney with McCool (if only I can persuade him with my charm and sparkly cute eyes) so yes, money would be quite welcome about now. Fingers crossed that it will all go well and I will get the position, I guess I'll know by tomorrow!

On the relationship front, things are going giddily perfect and I try not to jinx it, but it's so good nowadays and instead of thinking about all the things he doesn't do, I find myself focusing so much more on all the things he does do and I feel so much more happier, and it's sooo goood, and I think we have finally swum our way through the rough patches. =) Issues have been sorted out and I'm getting the love and atten-shuns and affec-shuns that I need and AH IT IS SO GOOD. Everytime we see each other now it's a jolly good time of laughs and jokes and cuddles and feel-good feelings so it is all going well so don't jinx it!!! Yes yes, he is the pinnacle of male awesomeness. =D

What else has been going on? That's about it really. Besides my empty bank account and my state of unemployment, things are going enchantingly well. So I have nothing else to report. =]

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