Friday, May 9, 2008; 4:56 PM
hi, my name is Yin and I'm broke
I have this sudden, inexplicable urge for exorbidant amounts of ice-cream.... I feel like I could wipe an entire tub clean in one sitting. It must be because the founder of Baskin Robbins has just passed away and everyone is talking about their favourite flavours. R.I.P, Mr. Ice Cream. ;-(

i love Very Berry Strawberry mixed with Vanilla, cookies and cream and Yam omg. what about you?

Also, I've got the flu upon my return to my apartment - I think it's the chill in here that wipes through the place every few seconds. *shudders* As soon as I get out of my apartment, I'm perfectly fine. It really sucks, because I am layered up in four layers of thick, wooly clothing and a scarf the size of a polar bear and yet I am sneezing and sniffling and using up the entire supermarket's supply of tissue.
My only wish right now is that some hero would swoop in with copious amounts of HOT CHICKEN MUSHROOM SOUP and heaps of luscious Hot Chocolate, a huge family sized block of chocolate (Kit Kat will do nicely.) and of course, a tub of ice cream. Maybe throw in some flowers, a teddy bear, a puppy, perhaps a mini Shetland pony and I will be quite appeased. =)

ALSO some food would be nice because my apartment is stripped bare - I have nothing not even instant noodles and I am too broke to buy any food - jhdajhdasdha I have been starving since finishing the last packet of instant Cup-Of-Soup yesterday but ksdajhdsajhda stay positive and what gets me through is ~*THINSPIRATION*~ y'all! =D

So now my CD drive on my laptop decides to break down on me, which means I can't reformat and save the life of my dying computer, which means my computer is utterly and hopelessly broken, which means I will soon have no computer because I CAN'T AFFORD A NEW ONE GODDAMMIT I wish everyone would stop telling me that I need to get a new one - I know I need a new one but do I look like I can afford one???!!! At the moment I'm Miss Live-In-Pyjamas because its-too-expensive-to-go-out and save-every-cent-for-horses even if-it-means-death-and-starvation.

So, well, crap. No computer. HOW WILL I SURVIVE.

I am thinking of opening more commissions again, although after my years long absence from the art world, I doubt anyone would want to commission me anymore, but I guess it's a desperate long-shot? Oh dear. We shall see.

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