Monday, July 14, 2008; 6:10 PM
tying the knot
I just found out today - through the magic of Facebook, no less - that one of the more popular seniors during my years in high school just got married.

At first guess, I assumed he would've married his high school sweetheart - they were after all the power couple of my high school back in the day, the couple everyone talks about and whom everyone envies. He was smart, charismatic and good-looking, whilst she was a model student, captain of Everything and one of the prettiest girls in school. The only difference was that he was chinese, and she was malay. But hey, what does religion matter in love? You would think it doesn't matter, but unfortunately in Malaysia, it sometimes does.

Admittedly, I was one of the girls that envied them. When me and my best friend used to sit and gossip about the popular kids, they were high on our list of Perfect High School Couples. The interracial defying-all-odds, the dazzling combination of good lucks and perfect grades, the way they were so nice, so likeable and popular with everyone.

I'm a little sad to find out that he's not getting married to her. They've been together for as long as I can remember about high school, and after graduating, all I know is that she went on to do charitable humanitarian work and Arts, and he - well, who knows, I'm guessing a succesfull businessman in whatever field he entered. I had doubts that they were still together, but I guess I always kinda hoped they were. Interracial dating - especially between a Chinese and a Malay - always almost never has a Happy Ending, and somehow I hoped a Happy Ending would have manifested for them. There wouldn't have been two more deserving people on the planet.

Alas, things don't always work out like they do in fairytales and picture books, and as far as I know, she didn't even attend his wedding - the bride also a Chinese - a face I don't recognize. Nevertheless, he looks happy and I wish them all the best.
It's funny how you are in high school you think about how this will turn out and usually it never really turns out the way you hoped. They didn't get married. My bestest, closest friend went off the India and married some random dude I've never met - and now I've lost all contact with her. For the longest time I thought I would end up Happy Ever After with my childhood sweetheart of 8 years - Jin - and even now that didn't turn out the way it was planned. It's funny how life plays with you, taking random turns and twists this way and that, never letting your predictions come even remotely close to how you expected.

I am settled now and happy with McCool, but the future is still so uncertain. I get a little nervous everytime I see another friend get married on Facebook. Just a few years ago we were all young, reckless teenagers throwing water balloons at each other in high school, making out in hallways after class, laughing at teachers, copying each other's homework. Just a few years ago! And now everyone's off getting married and having babies. I don't even know if I'll end up married or not - at this point I don't even know if I'll ever get a job! How do they do it?? I still feel so... young! It's a little sad as I watch everyone veer off on their own paths. We all used to be close friends once.

Sometimes change is a bitch. Sometimes I bitch too much about change. But bitching doesn't really save the world, does it? Change does.

I guess sometimes change is for the better, but hey, that doesn't mean I can't bitch about it. Well, I just wish eternal happiness to the Bride and Groom - damn I would've liked some shrimp from that wedding!

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Blogger Diyana said...
Heyy it's been a while. (:

Wishing you & McCool all the best and happy days ahead, Yin! Of course at this age, we'll always see engagements & weddings coming, leaving us reminiscing the old times at school. Most of them will turn out so different from the days we knew them. Especially the girls :D