Tuesday, August 12, 2008; 3:41 PM
Backdated Entry : August 4th 2008
Woot woot! I haven't blogged in forever and very well deserve an Internet Slap On The Wrist for my tardiness. That's right, my only excuse is that I've been lazy. How terrible! I quite enjoyed being lazy for a while though.

Let's see, what's new? The Olympics are well underway - and did anyone watch the equestrian events? I just had to LOL at the cross country being held in a golf course, of all places! xD It's a pretty nice looking course though, with some really challenging jumps. And how dissapointing about Shane Rose's horse spooking during his dressage test! Megan Jones is doing incredibly well though, I'm cheering for her all the way!

I'm a bit torn about which team to support - I'm completely rooting for the Australian team in swimming and equestrian and yet I'm crossing my fingers hoping the Malaysian team will shine all of a sudden. It was sad to see such a small contingent marching in the Opening Ceremony (which was OMFG, amirite? Those tai chi masters... wowza! O__O) but Go Malaysia! Please win a medal in badminton at least! I'm also kind of rooting for China... that opening ceremony was such a good time to be Chinese, yo! I swelled up with absolute pride. McCool on the other hand spent the night whinging about how pointless the Olympics is and eventually went out by himself to buy some food. *shakes head*

Anyway, showjumping tonight - hopefully Megan Jones overtakes Germany's lead! I'm also looking forward to women's gymnastics! Unfortunately Channel 7's Olympic coverage is unbelievably crappy and I have no idea when they will show it. Argh!

In other news, I went to Sydney for a holiday!!! I'll be backdating entries from the trip, so this will be Trip Day 1.


The alarm caused both me and McCool to jump at least three feet out of bed at 6am, at which we absentmindedly stared at our luggage before climbing out of bed to the bathroom. We raced to get to the airport in time for our flight - which was very exciting, it's the first time we're taking a vacation together and this long-planned Sydney trip had burnt a huge hole in our wallets. When we landed in Sydney, it was wonderfully warm - a welcome change from the freezing temperatures of Melbourne. Light jackets and sunglasses came on, scarves and beanies came off!

The first day was spent just wandering around the areas of our hotel - picturesque Darling Harbour, Chinatown, the major retail centers and the like. Sydney hasn't changed much since I've last visited, but we were both in such good spirits and enjoying the beautiful weather, so it felt all the more better.

Darling Harbour

McCool taking photos of the surroundings

Our hotel room in the Great Southern Hotel located in the heart of Chinatown was surprisingly nice - large spacious shower and incredibly sproingy bed. Five minutes was dedicated to jumping up and down on the bed and testing the pillow's durability by the official sport of Pillow Bashing. For dinner we discovered a branch of Ajisen Ramen in Chinatown, and because we were fans of the Melbourne branch we figured Sydney's could only be better. Oh how wrong! It was very dissapointing and the food was barely edible... never again!

Tomorrow we are heading to Taronga Zoo, which I am much looking forward to because I have never been there! This trip will be great! Wandering around the city at night with McCool, there are still various moments when I look up at him beside me and think wistfully, "Jin will be just about this height too..." but I'm sure it will be all great fun and full of laughter! I couldn't hope for a better travel companion than McCool.

Yay for holidays!

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