Thursday, August 14, 2008; 12:01 AM
Backdated Entry : August 5th 2008
Oh god, I think I almost suffered a heart attack and died watching the Eventing Finals last night!! Megan Jones and that heartbreaking final jump!! I can't believe it!!! We were robbed, ROBBED I tell you!!

Only kidding, Germany rode really well - but OH MAN I was so bummed! I was full on yelling at the screen - that last rail!! How unbelievable!! Still, it's bloody brilliant for Australia to get a Silver medal, especially as this year's team have never been to the Olympics before - to get a Silver in their very first Olympics is just Mighty Grand, I would say! What an honour! And what a ride - kept me at the edge of my seat throughout!

Also, I think I am officially in love with Ringwould Jaguar - Sonja Johnson's horse. Go, Aussie Stock Horse! What an amazing mount!

Anyways, I watched the Dark Knight today - slow, I know - and left the cinema feeling quite traumatized. I'm not sure a Batman movie should be so scary.. ha ha ha. I'm just a big wuss.

Backdated entry time!


We jumped on a cruise ship which would take us around the harbour before dropping us off at Taronga Zoo, where I was looking forward to getting on the Sky Safari - which is a cable car which lifts you all the way above the island to the top entrance of the zoo. Unfortunately, it was shut! I was quite dissapointed and we ended up waiting around at the pier for 20 minutes before a bus came to take us to the top.

making a funny upset face with the closed cable cars... my main goal now is to grow my hair out! Short hair is nice and all, but I really want my long hair back!

The zoo was delightfully wonderful, we caught the Seal Show and the award-winning free flight bird show, which I absolutely loved. How do they train those birds?! Simply amazing! McCool spent a vast amount of his life enthralled in front of the gorilla enclosure whilst I watched the zebras and fantasized about galloping across the Serengetti on their backs.

very cute zebras

and some very cute koalas

stunning views of the city from the giraffe enclosure

lovely shot of a mountain goat

The highlight of the day, however, was the cruise back to the city - we were standing out on the deck of the ship, being tossed around by the wind like ragdolls. I was doing my best to stop my eyes from being blown out the back of my skull when in the corner of my eye I caught a splash behind a fishing boat nearby.
"Look," I said to McCool, pointing at the water. "Is that a seal?"
As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I saw a dozen or so fins explode from the surface of the ocean.
"Dolphins!!!" cried McCool and almost immediately everyone ran out to where we were, pointing and exclaiming at the sudden pod of dolphins cruising alongside our ship in the sparkling sunset. It was sublime and I was suddenly a two-year old again, jumping up and down in excitement.

They hung around only for a little while before heading off on their way and we made our way back to the hotel, wrung from all the excitement of the day. I was feeling pretty queasy, so we decided to have an early dinner at a delightful little Japanese restaurant located upstairs on Pitt Street, called Fujiya.

yummy beef karubi at Fujiya Restaurant

By nightfall, I was moaning and writhing in bed from pain - my old abdominal gastric issues had attacked after a long absence. I could barely move and every breath of air was agony. Even going to pee was unbearably painful. McCool ran down and got me painkillers from the 24 hour 7-11 downstairs, but nothing worked. Finally the pain wound me down into a light, jerky sleep for the rest of the night. What an awful thing to happen on vacation! I began to wonder if I should go to the hospital...

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