Saturday, August 16, 2008; 1:33 AM
Backdated Entry : August 6th 2008
I travelled back in time today. McCool, his sister and I went to the National Art Gallery of Victoria to go to the Art Deco Exhibition which is on at the moment. Elly (his sister) dressed exactly the part, stylish beanie included. Anyways, it was quite interesting, although I am quite ashamed to say McCool and I yawned quite a fair bit throughout! Art graduates indeed.

sculptures at the entrance of the gallery

It's worth having a look if you're interested in that sort of thing, though. Tickets cost $22 for adults and about $18 for concession.

I liked it, although the whole art deco movement really didn't appeal to me. Blocky shapes, bold outlines and bright, contrasting colours were never really my thing. I prefer the Renaissance chapter in art history, but now I think I should shut up and quit trying to sound like a professor, hehe.

me being a retard outside the gallery

Backdated entry time!


I woke up still bedridden with the pain from my gastric night, and could barely move to go anywhere. Unfortunately for me, we had a lunch appointment with one of my old Uni friends today, and McCool was kind enough to stay with me in the hotel until afternoon. It began to rain as well, and with much much effort I managed to get out of pain and get dressed very slowly. McCool went as far as to put on my socks for me, good lord I'd never had the pain this bad before.

I figured I could walk if I took it really really slowly - my entire abdomen felt like how one would feel after climbing up Mount Everest with the fitness level of a sloth. God knows what triggered the pain - all I wanted was for it to be over!

My friend met up with us in the hotel lobby and she and McCool very patiently walked slowly alongside me as we headed to a popular Korean eatery a few blocks away. I was feeling a little bit better by the time lunch was over, so we went to Kinokuniya before my friend had to leave for basketball practice. Me and McCool kept walking (slowly) around the city for a bit, stopping for tea at the Old Vienna Coffee House in the historic Queen Victoria building, before hopping on the monorail and doing a few laps around the city till dinner.

mccool enjoying coffee at the old vienna coffee house

So all in all, a very uneventful day and as I collapsed groaning into the hotel bed I could only pray that the pain is fully gone by tomorrow... because I wanna hit the beach!

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