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Backdated Entry : August 7th 2008
I was a little bit confused when most of my Malaysian friends were blogging in caps lock about "OMG LEE CHONG WEI", "GOLD FOR MALAYSIA", "I LOVE CHONG WEI!!" and the likes.
After an intensive Google search, I must now jump on the bandwagon.


In case you're wondering - like I was - Lee Chong Wei is a badminton player who is representing Malaysia at the Olympics and he has guaranteed himself a silver medal after winning a match against Korea and tomorrow he will be playing against China for the gold medal! Depressing as it sounds, it could be Malaysia's first gold medal in an Olympics... ever! I can't believe I'm this excited lol. Out comes my hidden nationalistic pride!

Anyways, I spent some time reading up articles about the match on Malaysian newspaper websites, and I found this excerpt from his father particularly amusing :

On Chong Wei’s match yesterday, his father said: “I would give him 65 out of 100 points. He made many mistakes in the second game. I hope he will cut down on the mistakes when he plays Lin Dan. But he did well in the decider.”

LOL. Isn't that so typically Malaysian?? I can just so imagine this old man in a white singlet and wooden fan sitting in front of the TV, yelling "Not like that lah!! Must hit harder, harder wan!! Aiyoh, my dog can play better than you!!"

Because every Malaysian dad is a Gold Medal Olympian, seriously.

Anyways, backdated entry time!


After a fairly more peaceful night than the previous, my tummy seemed to be on a road to improvement, so what with the Sydney weather promising a beautiful day, we decided to go ahead and make the trip to Manly, 30 minutes north of Sydney via a ferry service.

It was a fairly comfortable trip on a fairly comfortable ferry and when we got there, the first thing to catch McCool's eye is the Bavarian Bier Cafe, located right on the wharves of Manly. Good lord knows that boy drinks enough, so we walked down towards the famous Manly Surf Beach through the Corso, which is Manly's shopping and cafe strip.

took off my sunnies for the glare of sunlight

mccool taking in the sunshine during lunch

I think Manly beats Bondi hands down. The water is so clear and blue and the waves are simply gorgeous! It's nowhere as crowded as Bondi either. After gaping in awe at the beauty for a few stunned minutes, we decided to sit down for a good ol' fashioned lunch of fish&chips. Unfortunately, Sydney weather lies and no sooner than we had put the last bite of food in our mouths, it began to pour! Not just rain for that matter, but hail as well! What a bummer! McCool was actually pleased however, as this worked in his favour and we ended up taking shelter in the Bavarian Bier Cafe, where he sampled a couple of rare and authentic German beers.

interior of Bavarian Bier Cafe

The rain soon stopped and I dragged my male counterpart back out into the sunshine for long walks on the beach. It was great fun, but what with impending clouds looming over the horizon, we decided not to risk it and merely walked down the beach and back. Not before stopping to make fun of a fat man taking a dip in the ocean waters. Ah, we are so immature! I deserve to be punished by God. =p

is it mean that we took photos of him?? lol!

Still, it was great to feel sand on my feet and running from waves again! I had so much fun! Ah, for a life by the beach... bring on summer!

mccool doing a Kairi

On the way back we were treated to a spectacular sunset by Sydney's harbour.

By the time we headed back to the city, it was dark and we started our nightly hunt for food. This time we settled on a curious looking eatery from Japan, called Pepper Lunch. I had a the 'hamburger and fried egg set' whilst McCool settled from steak. The food was served to us on a sizzling plate for us to cook ourselves and whilst was a delightful experience, the portions were somewhat small and we both wholeheartedly agreed that the 'Lunch' in it's name was for obvious reasons.

I'm quite satisfied with my visit to the beach and as a result, am happy to let McCool decide tomorrow's activities. Falling asleep was not a problem for now!

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Anonymous lynn said...

My mom and I just spent ten whole minutes on an international phone call talking about him. Apparently he's already got a whole front page on the home newspapers lol. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if he, by some freak of fate, beat China? Not just a datuk-ship, I'm seeing marriage proposals in the hundreds here!

Anyway, what are the chances Prime 7 or SBS will show the badminton finals when no Aussies are in it? Argh. The one Malaysian spotlight in the Olympics...!

Is that Sydney? Seriously? WHY IS THERE SUN??? *shakes fist at cloudy Canberra*

Gawd, WOMAN. I got your email, and ANU's email server just HAD to explode NOW of all times. dsl/;jf;ajd;ajdl; A reply WILL be forthcoming. Or there will be blood. BLOOOOOD. (I've got plenty; just ask all the fingers I cut while cooking.)

Anonymous Yin said...
Lol, really?? I've been trying to find news about him on Malaysian websites and the most I could find was one or two lousy articles on the Star website only after he defeat that Korean dude!
He's playing tonight! I'm so excited! Although you are right, there's 0% chance that channel 7 or SBS will show it. Argh! YouTube will probably wield no results either! D:

Yup, Sydney was ridiculously sunny! It's always slightly warmer up in NSW compared to vic, it sucks!

LOL you betta get yourself over to the pink forums! Aly keeps asking if you still want to stay on as staff or not lol!