Sunday, August 17, 2008; 11:47 PM
Backdated Entry : August 8th 2008
We woke up today determined to head down the The Rocks at Sydney Harbour to have lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks, one of Sydney's most famous pancake restaurants. Alas, the sky finally spelled something like rain, so we decided to wait out the showers at the Sydney Aquarium instead.

the penguins looked like they were freezing!

We've both been to the aquarium before, so it wasn't really that exciting - we spent the most time watching the adorable seals, but it really did feel a bit like a waste of precious ticket money.

The rain had let up by the time we finished, so we hopped on a ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay, and made our way to the Rocks. It wasn't long before we were quite lost and started squabbling like those annoying couples on the Amazing Race. It was by chance we finally managed to stumble on the restaurant and sank in with immense relief. The pancakes were okay... but the menu certainly had more variety than Melbourne's Pancake Parlour. We ordered a main each and shared a yummy dessert chocolate pancake with strawberries, which was a little too indulgent if I may say so myself.

After a good lunch, we walked down underneath the Harbour Bridge where once again a difference of opinion led to another Amazing Race-like fight. I thought it would be fun to cross the Harbour Bridge, explore the island on the other side, and catch the ferry home from there. McCool wanted to take a walk by the highway over across the city and down to the Opera House. I didn't fancy walking alongside busy roads and countless cards during peak hour - but McCool won the fight and we endured rush hour traffic and city dirt on our faces as I smirked "I told you so" - not very helpful.

We took an elevator down to Circular Quay and made our way towards the Opera House where I expressed an interest in the Botanical Gardens, but the sun was setting and we thought it be best to head back to the hotel instead.

the harbour bridge at dusk

still best friends despite all the fighting

It was also Olympics night! So we stayed indoors all night watching the opening ceremony (rather : I watching and he whinging), with McCool popping out to take away dinner from a Japanese eatery nearby.

Also, a mistake with last night's post : dinner wasn't at Pepper Lunch, that was the night before. Instead, it was 'Din Tai Fung' a famous Taiwan chain of restaurants specializing in 'xiao long pao' - Shanghai Dumplings. You think you've had the best ones in the world until you try one of these babies. They simply explode in your mouth! I died and went to heaven the moment I took my first bite. Simply yum!

oh so yummy!

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