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Backdated Entry : August 9th 2008
For the first time in my life ever, everyone in the house is in the living room watching the Olympics whilst I stay alone in the room in front of the computer. God knows why I'm opting to anti-socialize myself instead of enjoying the games like I usually do. Perhaps it's because I wasn't invited along out to the living room to watch - and I am an idiot like that - and can't bring myself to just casually saunter out there, "Hey, what's on?" and settle down on the couch like any normal human being. Even though I dearly would like to go watch.


I have to admit I'm still a little uncomfortable living with McCool's family despite having lived here for the past half a year or so already. (By family I mean just one sister, but even one extra person freaks me out. It takes me half an hour to make up my mind what time to shower just because the bathroom is outside her room - also McCool refuses to fix the door on the bathroom downstairs so I have no choice but to run upstairs. D: ) Let's face it, I'm a social idiot. The facade of confidence that extrudes itself to clients during work is - shall I call it my other self - kind of like Miyazawa in Kare Kano, only a thousand times more epic fail.


Oh, and congratulations to Lee Chong Wei for winning the silver in the Badminton! I think it's a jolly good job and just having a Malaysian on the podiums finally makes me beam a little inside. And shame on anyone who chides him for not winning a gold! Let's see you try and win an Olympic medal before opening your fat mouth.

Backdated entry time! Sydney Trip Day 6 :


It's our final day in Sydney so not much was on the itinerary besides wander around the city a bit. We walked out towards Hyde Park and visited the War Memorial before making our way to Kinokuniya to buy some souvenirs for family back home. Frankly, I was bored sick of the city so kudos to McCool for enduring my constant stream of bitching and whining throughout.

We stayed in Kino for the whole day picking out gifts (and god knows why we bought everything from Kino - it's as if there's nothing else on sale in Sydney!) and purchased a book with a set of cute origami crane earrings for McCool's sisters, and I got a ducky keychain and a ducky toy for my brother. Don't ask about the ducks, it's his fetish or something akin to it.

In an effort to qualm my whinging, McCool whisked us off to Darling Harbour after our shopping trip to visit the Sydney Wildlife World. Ah, you can tell one really understands me when one knows that the few things that will shut me up are animals and nature. I was instantly quietened (note : spoilt bitch) and had a great time. I insist, there are never too many times to see koalas and kangaroos up close. McCool had great fun with the bugs, insects and reptiles and we both agreed it was much more enjoyable than the Aquarium. We got to touch lizards and stick insects and some sort of iguana - and two adorable doves followed us around in the bird enclosure. I was dying from the Cute Overload of the koalas sleeping in the trees. Oh my!

McCool doing his best frog impersonation

so close to the roos!

As it was our last night in Sydney, we went back to Fujiya for dinner

strangest parfait ever, with cornflakes in it

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