Saturday, August 23, 2008; 3:40 PM

before I explode askjaslkdhakjldhasd

Also I don't want to jinx myself but if I don't scream soon my head will come out of my ass. Don't jinx it don't jinx it don't jinx it omgggg.

See what happened is that I contacted GiddyUp Girls, which is a Queensland based company which designs trendy clothing for horsey people. It is like the Billabong/Roxy/Quicksilver for horse people, if you like. Anyway, I asked if they would take me on to do a few designs for their clothing range. I assumed they would say no (because there are only so many rejections I can take =_=) and I didn't have a very impressive folio - in fact I didn't even show them my folio.

Anyways, I'm desperate for work and just thinking they would definitely say No - I mean this is a big well known company with probably many great designers already. BUT the owner herself mailed me back and gave me a design brief for me to design their SUMMER 2008 RANGE!!! OMGGGG!! I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC!!!

It's like a dream come true!!! I get to sit down and design from home as creatively as I like - PLUS it's horse related!! It's like the best dream job ever!! I want to dance! I want to sing! Aaaahh!

Okay, okay, let's not jump our guns. There's no guarantee they will use my designs, or even like them! So now I've got to work REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD on these designs and hope and hope and pray that they will like it! Otherwise I don't get paid a cent and go down in history as the biggest Epic Fail ever. =_=
So I have to really grab this chance and appreciate this fantastic opportunity God has thrown my way... oh god oh god, my brain is just all jumbled with joy and DETERMINATION OMG I WILL SUCCEED and just asdajdhajshdaff AHH.

I'm going to sit at the desk and SLAVE AWAY from now until I finish the designs!! No more play for me! It's all work from now on! WORK WORK WORK!! Instant noodles, you are now my best friend, hiiieee! Omg, I feel hyper. Cross your fingers! Wish me luck! Pray I don't die in the process! Pray they accept my designs and illustrations! And then you will be looking at Yin Choo : Clothing Designer!! OMG! And if that does happen, you will all have to buy a T-shirt, I don't care if you like horses or not, just buy it omg!!! :D :D :D

I hope things will work out from here on! YOSH YIN GANBATTTEEE!! ON FIREEE!!! ATSUI DESU NEEEEEE~!! OVER 900,000~!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!! \(>w<)/!!!

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Anonymous lynn said...
*crosses fingers, touches wood, throws salt over left shoulder, won't step on cracks etc. etc.*

GUD LUCKKKKKK! I won't say anything, 'cause I'm all about the jinxing too. XD Just have fun doing it too!