Saturday, September 6, 2008; 12:13 AM
Did you like the flower? It flew 10,000 miles for you
I'm very thankful for spring. No matter how gloomy I feel when I wake in the morning, it always puts a smile on my face to peer out of the window with one eye and see bright blue skies and colourful flowers growing in the driveway.

The flowers, oh the flowers! It's so lovely to see them blooming everywhere. Even one man's trash by the roadside looks prettier with wild daisies peeking out from underneath. I've been feeling rather blue lately and so to cheer myself up today, I bought a bouquet of pretty flowers for me. They sit in a pretty vase by the kitchen window and makes doing dishes a little more pleasant. I wonder why I don't buy flowers for myself more often, instead of always waiting in futility to receive them.

People think flowers are overrated but I beg to differ. And life's little pleasantries like music, laying in bed during rain, long walks by the beach - that are all viewed as so cliche by some - well, I just think that I'd rather have all these cliches instead of the oddities that are preferred by others.

Haha, I'm rambling. I think it's the season change that's filling me with a certain sense of nostalgia. That, and recent events that just have me sitting quietly by the window. I can't wait for summer and the warm rainfall, to stroll in the drops with a hoodie. And sit out by the sea in day, watching my hair fly away as I dream of bygone days.

I feel like travelling. (but I am broke, boo hoo D: )

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