Monday, September 1, 2008; 1:25 AM
Happy Merdeka! Pass the ikan bakar please.
I have a strange, subconscious fascination with Chinese culture it seems. Somehow no matter what I draw, there always seems to have some kind of oriental influence in it - one of the prints I created for a t-shirt design was looked at by McCool and he couldn't help but ask if horses originated from China, because based on my drawings, it appears so.

Good grief.

Anyways, I've been watching old FF8 videos and good lord I feel like playing the game again despite already having played it 2873197342132 times and not completing it even once.

The eastern influence continues as I rewatch an old Wang LeeHom video I found on my hard drive (Shieve would be proud of me) and I love all the chinese motifs and the erhu music. McCool is getting quite fed up as I insist for the nth time that I am a distant descendant of an ancient Chinese Emperor (it is quite true, my grandparents told me!) and I do happen to think that Asian girls do indeed have more lovely features than most others. (don't kill me.)

Oh, and it's Merdeka! Happy Independance Day, Malaysia! I celebrated very patriotically by staying at home with crippling tummy cramps, whinging and bitching my way through Tanggal 31, bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh. Oh, tanahairku! I mean, seriously - we can send humans to the moon but we can't invent a simple painkiller for that time of the month?! Which may be too much information, but I am so sick of being unable to get out of bed every once a month because my cramps are just waaaayyy too crippling. It sucks, not even Panadol works and I don't want to take birth control pills for these pains because then my mum will think I'm having sex (which I am NOT - unfortunately) and my very asian family will probably go berserk. Or not. I am very legally 21. But that's beside the point! The point is I need some drugs for this torture and there ain't any in the market! Don't people realize how much a wonder pill will sell?! Billions of women would buy it to ease cramps without the side effects of hormonal mood swings! They'd go crazy! Eureka, it'd be a bigger invention than the lightbulb!

Good god humanity, can we please focus our energy on creating a woman-friendly medicine that will get rid of 'that time of the month' forever!? Or at least ease the pain. I'm on my hands and knees here.

Yes, I believe that was waaayyy too much information, but what the heck. I just missed out on an entire day of work because the pain was too great that I was reduced to crying underneath the covers. CRYING. Oh, woman.

What else is new? Hmm, not much really. We have two new ponies at the barn and they are the cutest things in existence. I almost faint everytime I walk past their paddock so now I have to exercise self-control not to walk down that area because little Mango and Barney come trotting up asking to be petted and oh lord, they are too cute to be true, excuse me I need to faint from the cute. Fat, tubby, fuzzy little things - I have no words. I have no words!

Spring is finally breaking over Melbourne and I have never been more grateful to see the cherry blossoms burst into colour down every street and suburb. The temperature is finally getting warmer - and hello sun! I almost forgot you existed! Oh, bring back the glory days of skirts and tank tops - I can't wait to be able to sprint down to the beach and leap into the water! Go horse-riding in a t-shirt! Drink frappucinos with my sunnies on! C'mon summer - I'm ready. After wearing 6 layers daily in winter - including two thick jackets, a fuzzy scarf and a chunky beanie (honestly I don't even know what my face looks like anymore after three months of hiding behind wool) - there is no doubt that underneath my skin is as pale as a luminous glow worm, a truly horrendous sight that causes passer bys to sprint in the opposite direction - I AM PREPARED to spend hours mucking around in glorious sunlight to get my tan back! Horse riding in 46 degree weather, here I come!!! :D And omg, SHAVED LEGS once again!

Yes, I have committed the deadly sin of not shaving my legs in winter. C'mon, who does?! Admit it, the fuzz keeps you warm! McCool pulled my pants up the other night to tickle my legs and I shrieked one to put a banshee to shame - and I kid you not - in one tenth of a second, he sprang back in horror and recoiled like a poked milipede with the kind of look on his face that one should only wear when confronting an undead zombie. Of course, this is Australia and our ads are plastered with girls donning smooth, tanned, perfect legs (thanks a lot, Bonds!) so to find a carpet growing on mine was not really what poor McCool was expecting at all. In revenge of course, I promptly grabbed my tweezer and pulled out a few of his manly leg hairs very cruelly - what can I say, I'm a bitch.
But yes, far from topic - shaved legs are returning in time for spring and I cannot wait to get rid of my walking fluroescent lights once again!! Come here shorts and skirts and thongs and sandals and everything in between!

I think that's all I have to ramble about tonight. There's really not that much to talk about and one can only pray that more exciting things comes this way - even if only for blogging fodder - because right now my life is quite uneventful. Waiting for a reply from potential employees is nerve-wrecking stuff - and watching McCool take admiring photos of his beer is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I can't wait for the interent to speed back up so I can watch this year's Merdeka ads on YouTube! Ah, life! Thou art strange in thy workings!

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Anonymous lynn said...
There IS a way to stop those 'times of the month', but it's the equivalent of performing a vasectomy for men ;-; poor bb *offers chicken soup, Campbell-canned because one can't cook a decent bowl of soup without over-salting everything*

I've always been kinda afraid to take birth control pills for cramps, though. Just seemed like they'd mess up your system too much.

And I totally forgot about Merdeka until your post, omg. After only a month in Australia @_@;;;;;

Blogger Yin said...
Oh, I know! Ugh! All the horror stories I hear about mood swings and everything else that is associated with the pill...kinda puts me off. Guess I'll have to make to with Campbell's chicken soup for now. xD Thank you dearie!