Friday, October 3, 2008; 1:23 AM
forever young
Recently I've been watching episodes of School Rumble: Season 2 (if anyone remembers, I used to fangirl a fair bit over School Rumble 1 back in the Xanga days) and I think I'm addicted again.

I can't stand the cutesy fluff that is Tenma x Karasuma-kun! Oh god, I'm going to have a heart attack. They need to get together already!! They're so cute, my cute-o-meter can't take it!!! Hanai and Suou also need to get together. God, what is with this anime?! It's been so long since I shipped, well, anything really - I haven't shipped much since the hype of the Cloud x Aerith fandom and now I once more have urges to draw Tenma x Karasuma and google fansites and all the nerdy nerdy stuff - ahhh!! Although I do kinda miss shipping fictional pairings, my inner nerd warns me that normal 21 year olds really shouldn't care that much about something that happens on a screen. T___T

Spring is totally on the way and watching all this anime is making me want to relive my youth! Besides School Rumble 2, I've been rewatching Full Metal Panic (Sousuke and Kaname NEED to get together, like NOW) and it doesn't help that they're all pretty much centered around high school! I so miss the young, carefree days of having fun and playing hard and schoolgirl crushes, aieee! Matter of fact is, I really can't quite remember the last time I blushed or had butterflies in my stomach. It makes me feel so old!! T__T Don't even talk about finding a job - I'm quite willing to say that I've applied to almost every single company that exists in Melbourne and not one has replied. I have $5 left in my bank account and am on the brink of jumping off a tall building. That is, if I can afford the admission fee.

Lately I really wish I was back in high school. Hey, who would've known those adults were right when they said back then, "You'll miss high school when you're older!" Why didn't I listen? T__T I wish I was young again, playing sport and fooling around and teasing boys and studying for exams. AAAA I feel like tearing out my hair. Spring and summer always make me mope about my lost youth. LOL I sound like an old whingy grandma and I'm only 21!! T___T

What a depressing blog entry! I suppose I should stop now. Oh, for the springtime of my youth!! T__T