Saturday, August 23, 2008; 3:40 PM

before I explode askjaslkdhakjldhasd

Also I don't want to jinx myself but if I don't scream soon my head will come out of my ass. Don't jinx it don't jinx it don't jinx it omgggg.

See what happened is that I contacted GiddyUp Girls, which is a Queensland based company which designs trendy clothing for horsey people. It is like the Billabong/Roxy/Quicksilver for horse people, if you like. Anyway, I asked if they would take me on to do a few designs for their clothing range. I assumed they would say no (because there are only so many rejections I can take =_=) and I didn't have a very impressive folio - in fact I didn't even show them my folio.

Anyways, I'm desperate for work and just thinking they would definitely say No - I mean this is a big well known company with probably many great designers already. BUT the owner herself mailed me back and gave me a design brief for me to design their SUMMER 2008 RANGE!!! OMGGGG!! I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC!!!

It's like a dream come true!!! I get to sit down and design from home as creatively as I like - PLUS it's horse related!! It's like the best dream job ever!! I want to dance! I want to sing! Aaaahh!

Okay, okay, let's not jump our guns. There's no guarantee they will use my designs, or even like them! So now I've got to work REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD on these designs and hope and hope and pray that they will like it! Otherwise I don't get paid a cent and go down in history as the biggest Epic Fail ever. =_=
So I have to really grab this chance and appreciate this fantastic opportunity God has thrown my way... oh god oh god, my brain is just all jumbled with joy and DETERMINATION OMG I WILL SUCCEED and just asdajdhajshdaff AHH.

I'm going to sit at the desk and SLAVE AWAY from now until I finish the designs!! No more play for me! It's all work from now on! WORK WORK WORK!! Instant noodles, you are now my best friend, hiiieee! Omg, I feel hyper. Cross your fingers! Wish me luck! Pray I don't die in the process! Pray they accept my designs and illustrations! And then you will be looking at Yin Choo : Clothing Designer!! OMG! And if that does happen, you will all have to buy a T-shirt, I don't care if you like horses or not, just buy it omg!!! :D :D :D

I hope things will work out from here on! YOSH YIN GANBATTTEEE!! ON FIREEE!!! ATSUI DESU NEEEEEE~!! OVER 900,000~!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!! \(>w<)/!!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008; 12:09 AM
Backdated Entry : August 9th 2008
For the first time in my life ever, everyone in the house is in the living room watching the Olympics whilst I stay alone in the room in front of the computer. God knows why I'm opting to anti-socialize myself instead of enjoying the games like I usually do. Perhaps it's because I wasn't invited along out to the living room to watch - and I am an idiot like that - and can't bring myself to just casually saunter out there, "Hey, what's on?" and settle down on the couch like any normal human being. Even though I dearly would like to go watch.


I have to admit I'm still a little uncomfortable living with McCool's family despite having lived here for the past half a year or so already. (By family I mean just one sister, but even one extra person freaks me out. It takes me half an hour to make up my mind what time to shower just because the bathroom is outside her room - also McCool refuses to fix the door on the bathroom downstairs so I have no choice but to run upstairs. D: ) Let's face it, I'm a social idiot. The facade of confidence that extrudes itself to clients during work is - shall I call it my other self - kind of like Miyazawa in Kare Kano, only a thousand times more epic fail.


Oh, and congratulations to Lee Chong Wei for winning the silver in the Badminton! I think it's a jolly good job and just having a Malaysian on the podiums finally makes me beam a little inside. And shame on anyone who chides him for not winning a gold! Let's see you try and win an Olympic medal before opening your fat mouth.

Backdated entry time! Sydney Trip Day 6 :


It's our final day in Sydney so not much was on the itinerary besides wander around the city a bit. We walked out towards Hyde Park and visited the War Memorial before making our way to Kinokuniya to buy some souvenirs for family back home. Frankly, I was bored sick of the city so kudos to McCool for enduring my constant stream of bitching and whining throughout.

We stayed in Kino for the whole day picking out gifts (and god knows why we bought everything from Kino - it's as if there's nothing else on sale in Sydney!) and purchased a book with a set of cute origami crane earrings for McCool's sisters, and I got a ducky keychain and a ducky toy for my brother. Don't ask about the ducks, it's his fetish or something akin to it.

In an effort to qualm my whinging, McCool whisked us off to Darling Harbour after our shopping trip to visit the Sydney Wildlife World. Ah, you can tell one really understands me when one knows that the few things that will shut me up are animals and nature. I was instantly quietened (note : spoilt bitch) and had a great time. I insist, there are never too many times to see koalas and kangaroos up close. McCool had great fun with the bugs, insects and reptiles and we both agreed it was much more enjoyable than the Aquarium. We got to touch lizards and stick insects and some sort of iguana - and two adorable doves followed us around in the bird enclosure. I was dying from the Cute Overload of the koalas sleeping in the trees. Oh my!

McCool doing his best frog impersonation

so close to the roos!

As it was our last night in Sydney, we went back to Fujiya for dinner

strangest parfait ever, with cornflakes in it

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Sunday, August 17, 2008; 11:47 PM
Backdated Entry : August 8th 2008
We woke up today determined to head down the The Rocks at Sydney Harbour to have lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks, one of Sydney's most famous pancake restaurants. Alas, the sky finally spelled something like rain, so we decided to wait out the showers at the Sydney Aquarium instead.

the penguins looked like they were freezing!

We've both been to the aquarium before, so it wasn't really that exciting - we spent the most time watching the adorable seals, but it really did feel a bit like a waste of precious ticket money.

The rain had let up by the time we finished, so we hopped on a ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay, and made our way to the Rocks. It wasn't long before we were quite lost and started squabbling like those annoying couples on the Amazing Race. It was by chance we finally managed to stumble on the restaurant and sank in with immense relief. The pancakes were okay... but the menu certainly had more variety than Melbourne's Pancake Parlour. We ordered a main each and shared a yummy dessert chocolate pancake with strawberries, which was a little too indulgent if I may say so myself.

After a good lunch, we walked down underneath the Harbour Bridge where once again a difference of opinion led to another Amazing Race-like fight. I thought it would be fun to cross the Harbour Bridge, explore the island on the other side, and catch the ferry home from there. McCool wanted to take a walk by the highway over across the city and down to the Opera House. I didn't fancy walking alongside busy roads and countless cards during peak hour - but McCool won the fight and we endured rush hour traffic and city dirt on our faces as I smirked "I told you so" - not very helpful.

We took an elevator down to Circular Quay and made our way towards the Opera House where I expressed an interest in the Botanical Gardens, but the sun was setting and we thought it be best to head back to the hotel instead.

the harbour bridge at dusk

still best friends despite all the fighting

It was also Olympics night! So we stayed indoors all night watching the opening ceremony (rather : I watching and he whinging), with McCool popping out to take away dinner from a Japanese eatery nearby.

Also, a mistake with last night's post : dinner wasn't at Pepper Lunch, that was the night before. Instead, it was 'Din Tai Fung' a famous Taiwan chain of restaurants specializing in 'xiao long pao' - Shanghai Dumplings. You think you've had the best ones in the world until you try one of these babies. They simply explode in your mouth! I died and went to heaven the moment I took my first bite. Simply yum!

oh so yummy!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008; 11:29 PM
Backdated Entry : August 7th 2008
I was a little bit confused when most of my Malaysian friends were blogging in caps lock about "OMG LEE CHONG WEI", "GOLD FOR MALAYSIA", "I LOVE CHONG WEI!!" and the likes.
After an intensive Google search, I must now jump on the bandwagon.


In case you're wondering - like I was - Lee Chong Wei is a badminton player who is representing Malaysia at the Olympics and he has guaranteed himself a silver medal after winning a match against Korea and tomorrow he will be playing against China for the gold medal! Depressing as it sounds, it could be Malaysia's first gold medal in an Olympics... ever! I can't believe I'm this excited lol. Out comes my hidden nationalistic pride!

Anyways, I spent some time reading up articles about the match on Malaysian newspaper websites, and I found this excerpt from his father particularly amusing :

On Chong Wei’s match yesterday, his father said: “I would give him 65 out of 100 points. He made many mistakes in the second game. I hope he will cut down on the mistakes when he plays Lin Dan. But he did well in the decider.”

LOL. Isn't that so typically Malaysian?? I can just so imagine this old man in a white singlet and wooden fan sitting in front of the TV, yelling "Not like that lah!! Must hit harder, harder wan!! Aiyoh, my dog can play better than you!!"

Because every Malaysian dad is a Gold Medal Olympian, seriously.

Anyways, backdated entry time!


After a fairly more peaceful night than the previous, my tummy seemed to be on a road to improvement, so what with the Sydney weather promising a beautiful day, we decided to go ahead and make the trip to Manly, 30 minutes north of Sydney via a ferry service.

It was a fairly comfortable trip on a fairly comfortable ferry and when we got there, the first thing to catch McCool's eye is the Bavarian Bier Cafe, located right on the wharves of Manly. Good lord knows that boy drinks enough, so we walked down towards the famous Manly Surf Beach through the Corso, which is Manly's shopping and cafe strip.

took off my sunnies for the glare of sunlight

mccool taking in the sunshine during lunch

I think Manly beats Bondi hands down. The water is so clear and blue and the waves are simply gorgeous! It's nowhere as crowded as Bondi either. After gaping in awe at the beauty for a few stunned minutes, we decided to sit down for a good ol' fashioned lunch of fish&chips. Unfortunately, Sydney weather lies and no sooner than we had put the last bite of food in our mouths, it began to pour! Not just rain for that matter, but hail as well! What a bummer! McCool was actually pleased however, as this worked in his favour and we ended up taking shelter in the Bavarian Bier Cafe, where he sampled a couple of rare and authentic German beers.

interior of Bavarian Bier Cafe

The rain soon stopped and I dragged my male counterpart back out into the sunshine for long walks on the beach. It was great fun, but what with impending clouds looming over the horizon, we decided not to risk it and merely walked down the beach and back. Not before stopping to make fun of a fat man taking a dip in the ocean waters. Ah, we are so immature! I deserve to be punished by God. =p

is it mean that we took photos of him?? lol!

Still, it was great to feel sand on my feet and running from waves again! I had so much fun! Ah, for a life by the beach... bring on summer!

mccool doing a Kairi

On the way back we were treated to a spectacular sunset by Sydney's harbour.

By the time we headed back to the city, it was dark and we started our nightly hunt for food. This time we settled on a curious looking eatery from Japan, called Pepper Lunch. I had a the 'hamburger and fried egg set' whilst McCool settled from steak. The food was served to us on a sizzling plate for us to cook ourselves and whilst was a delightful experience, the portions were somewhat small and we both wholeheartedly agreed that the 'Lunch' in it's name was for obvious reasons.

I'm quite satisfied with my visit to the beach and as a result, am happy to let McCool decide tomorrow's activities. Falling asleep was not a problem for now!

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Backdated Entry : August 6th 2008
I travelled back in time today. McCool, his sister and I went to the National Art Gallery of Victoria to go to the Art Deco Exhibition which is on at the moment. Elly (his sister) dressed exactly the part, stylish beanie included. Anyways, it was quite interesting, although I am quite ashamed to say McCool and I yawned quite a fair bit throughout! Art graduates indeed.

sculptures at the entrance of the gallery

It's worth having a look if you're interested in that sort of thing, though. Tickets cost $22 for adults and about $18 for concession.

I liked it, although the whole art deco movement really didn't appeal to me. Blocky shapes, bold outlines and bright, contrasting colours were never really my thing. I prefer the Renaissance chapter in art history, but now I think I should shut up and quit trying to sound like a professor, hehe.

me being a retard outside the gallery

Backdated entry time!


I woke up still bedridden with the pain from my gastric night, and could barely move to go anywhere. Unfortunately for me, we had a lunch appointment with one of my old Uni friends today, and McCool was kind enough to stay with me in the hotel until afternoon. It began to rain as well, and with much much effort I managed to get out of pain and get dressed very slowly. McCool went as far as to put on my socks for me, good lord I'd never had the pain this bad before.

I figured I could walk if I took it really really slowly - my entire abdomen felt like how one would feel after climbing up Mount Everest with the fitness level of a sloth. God knows what triggered the pain - all I wanted was for it to be over!

My friend met up with us in the hotel lobby and she and McCool very patiently walked slowly alongside me as we headed to a popular Korean eatery a few blocks away. I was feeling a little bit better by the time lunch was over, so we went to Kinokuniya before my friend had to leave for basketball practice. Me and McCool kept walking (slowly) around the city for a bit, stopping for tea at the Old Vienna Coffee House in the historic Queen Victoria building, before hopping on the monorail and doing a few laps around the city till dinner.

mccool enjoying coffee at the old vienna coffee house

So all in all, a very uneventful day and as I collapsed groaning into the hotel bed I could only pray that the pain is fully gone by tomorrow... because I wanna hit the beach!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008; 3:00 AM

Every time I hold my rusty guitar
That song seizes my heart
Even now, the days are still gloomy
It’s here that I’m searching for you

But I think
We’re surely living for someone

The sun surely remembers it all
Can you hear me?

You said you wouldn’t show tears
And we waved to each other
We didn’t say goodbye so we waved
And you disappeared into the sunset, I remember you

I’m still the same as I was then
But I have a little more confidence, yeah…

I’m holding back my tears, I promise
I have to be stronger than anybody
We don’t need to say goodbye, when I close my eyes
I can see you right away, I remember you

Backdated Entry : August 5th 2008
Oh god, I think I almost suffered a heart attack and died watching the Eventing Finals last night!! Megan Jones and that heartbreaking final jump!! I can't believe it!!! We were robbed, ROBBED I tell you!!

Only kidding, Germany rode really well - but OH MAN I was so bummed! I was full on yelling at the screen - that last rail!! How unbelievable!! Still, it's bloody brilliant for Australia to get a Silver medal, especially as this year's team have never been to the Olympics before - to get a Silver in their very first Olympics is just Mighty Grand, I would say! What an honour! And what a ride - kept me at the edge of my seat throughout!

Also, I think I am officially in love with Ringwould Jaguar - Sonja Johnson's horse. Go, Aussie Stock Horse! What an amazing mount!

Anyways, I watched the Dark Knight today - slow, I know - and left the cinema feeling quite traumatized. I'm not sure a Batman movie should be so scary.. ha ha ha. I'm just a big wuss.

Backdated entry time!


We jumped on a cruise ship which would take us around the harbour before dropping us off at Taronga Zoo, where I was looking forward to getting on the Sky Safari - which is a cable car which lifts you all the way above the island to the top entrance of the zoo. Unfortunately, it was shut! I was quite dissapointed and we ended up waiting around at the pier for 20 minutes before a bus came to take us to the top.

making a funny upset face with the closed cable cars... my main goal now is to grow my hair out! Short hair is nice and all, but I really want my long hair back!

The zoo was delightfully wonderful, we caught the Seal Show and the award-winning free flight bird show, which I absolutely loved. How do they train those birds?! Simply amazing! McCool spent a vast amount of his life enthralled in front of the gorilla enclosure whilst I watched the zebras and fantasized about galloping across the Serengetti on their backs.

very cute zebras

and some very cute koalas

stunning views of the city from the giraffe enclosure

lovely shot of a mountain goat

The highlight of the day, however, was the cruise back to the city - we were standing out on the deck of the ship, being tossed around by the wind like ragdolls. I was doing my best to stop my eyes from being blown out the back of my skull when in the corner of my eye I caught a splash behind a fishing boat nearby.
"Look," I said to McCool, pointing at the water. "Is that a seal?"
As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I saw a dozen or so fins explode from the surface of the ocean.
"Dolphins!!!" cried McCool and almost immediately everyone ran out to where we were, pointing and exclaiming at the sudden pod of dolphins cruising alongside our ship in the sparkling sunset. It was sublime and I was suddenly a two-year old again, jumping up and down in excitement.

They hung around only for a little while before heading off on their way and we made our way back to the hotel, wrung from all the excitement of the day. I was feeling pretty queasy, so we decided to have an early dinner at a delightful little Japanese restaurant located upstairs on Pitt Street, called Fujiya.

yummy beef karubi at Fujiya Restaurant

By nightfall, I was moaning and writhing in bed from pain - my old abdominal gastric issues had attacked after a long absence. I could barely move and every breath of air was agony. Even going to pee was unbearably painful. McCool ran down and got me painkillers from the 24 hour 7-11 downstairs, but nothing worked. Finally the pain wound me down into a light, jerky sleep for the rest of the night. What an awful thing to happen on vacation! I began to wonder if I should go to the hospital...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008; 3:41 PM
Backdated Entry : August 4th 2008
Woot woot! I haven't blogged in forever and very well deserve an Internet Slap On The Wrist for my tardiness. That's right, my only excuse is that I've been lazy. How terrible! I quite enjoyed being lazy for a while though.

Let's see, what's new? The Olympics are well underway - and did anyone watch the equestrian events? I just had to LOL at the cross country being held in a golf course, of all places! xD It's a pretty nice looking course though, with some really challenging jumps. And how dissapointing about Shane Rose's horse spooking during his dressage test! Megan Jones is doing incredibly well though, I'm cheering for her all the way!

I'm a bit torn about which team to support - I'm completely rooting for the Australian team in swimming and equestrian and yet I'm crossing my fingers hoping the Malaysian team will shine all of a sudden. It was sad to see such a small contingent marching in the Opening Ceremony (which was OMFG, amirite? Those tai chi masters... wowza! O__O) but Go Malaysia! Please win a medal in badminton at least! I'm also kind of rooting for China... that opening ceremony was such a good time to be Chinese, yo! I swelled up with absolute pride. McCool on the other hand spent the night whinging about how pointless the Olympics is and eventually went out by himself to buy some food. *shakes head*

Anyway, showjumping tonight - hopefully Megan Jones overtakes Germany's lead! I'm also looking forward to women's gymnastics! Unfortunately Channel 7's Olympic coverage is unbelievably crappy and I have no idea when they will show it. Argh!

In other news, I went to Sydney for a holiday!!! I'll be backdating entries from the trip, so this will be Trip Day 1.


The alarm caused both me and McCool to jump at least three feet out of bed at 6am, at which we absentmindedly stared at our luggage before climbing out of bed to the bathroom. We raced to get to the airport in time for our flight - which was very exciting, it's the first time we're taking a vacation together and this long-planned Sydney trip had burnt a huge hole in our wallets. When we landed in Sydney, it was wonderfully warm - a welcome change from the freezing temperatures of Melbourne. Light jackets and sunglasses came on, scarves and beanies came off!

The first day was spent just wandering around the areas of our hotel - picturesque Darling Harbour, Chinatown, the major retail centers and the like. Sydney hasn't changed much since I've last visited, but we were both in such good spirits and enjoying the beautiful weather, so it felt all the more better.

Darling Harbour

McCool taking photos of the surroundings

Our hotel room in the Great Southern Hotel located in the heart of Chinatown was surprisingly nice - large spacious shower and incredibly sproingy bed. Five minutes was dedicated to jumping up and down on the bed and testing the pillow's durability by the official sport of Pillow Bashing. For dinner we discovered a branch of Ajisen Ramen in Chinatown, and because we were fans of the Melbourne branch we figured Sydney's could only be better. Oh how wrong! It was very dissapointing and the food was barely edible... never again!

Tomorrow we are heading to Taronga Zoo, which I am much looking forward to because I have never been there! This trip will be great! Wandering around the city at night with McCool, there are still various moments when I look up at him beside me and think wistfully, "Jin will be just about this height too..." but I'm sure it will be all great fun and full of laughter! I couldn't hope for a better travel companion than McCool.

Yay for holidays!

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