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I'm telling you my babe, it's all in the game of love
Chinese New Year - and by right, every other day on the calender - really makes you think a little bit more about family. It's a little family tradition growing up in Malaysia whereby whenever a cultural celebration comes out, the big gun companies pull out their best advertisements to celebrate and to get the point across.

Now, not being able to be in KL for this holiday season led me to perusing this year's selection of ads on YouTube. The one I found to be the most poignant - and also made me bawl my eyes out for a good ten minutes or so after - is this year's Chinese New Year message from Petronas. God - there are no words. Watch it. Just watch it.

I know a lot of people who don't get on well with their parents, especially with the changes in generation nowadays. Even my brother and my father have a somewhat strained relationship due to their difference in opinions and headstrong natures. But I was raised in a very traditional Chinese way, where it was all about respecting the elders, regardless of how pissed off you may feel about them.
Growing up as a teenager, of course I rebelled. I was rude, crass and had very strong opinions about myself or how the world should be like around me. Needless to say, there's no doubt I caused my parents a lot of pain and heartache - and being my young 16 year old obnoxious self, I probably didn't give a rat's ass.
Which is so so silly, really. My dad worked so hard to send me overseas to get a good education - and even moreso now with the economic recession - that it really shouldn't matter at all how much our opinions differ, or how different we are in person. In fact, you may come to discover that you are more alike than you think.

My brother too, has hard times dealing with the parents - but at the end of the day he too sits down with me and we both respect and cherish them - and trust me on this - as you grow older, you do start to want to repair broken relationships. I wish now I had not been such a bratty teenager. Every chance I get to fly back to Malaysia now, I spend almost every evening pottering around the garden with my dad as he tends to his beloved orchids, listening to his rambles - drunken or not, regardless of whether I agree or not - I just watch him and I realize, day by day, that he is growing older.
One day, he will dissapear and all I will have left are the memories of the hard work he did to feed and clothe me and raise me. And if I stuck to my stubborness and refused to have a loving relationship with him, the only memories I would have are ones of bitterness, and pain. Every moment he complains of an aching back, every new wrinkle on his face - they ring panic bells within me. Daddy, please don't grow old and leave. I haven't repaid you enough yet. I'm sorry for being a twat. You have every right to be a pissy old man, because you raised me and cared for me and loved me - and even if we may disagree and fight - you will still be my favourite pissy old man and I'm not going to hate you ever, because I know you love me no matter what. And that's all that should be important really, in our relationship.

Regardless of things that have happened in my past, I am still thankful for the family that shaped me into the person I have become. And whilst we are still on the topic of depressing Chinese New Year ads, here is another classic from years past :

Speaks for itself. I hope these made you stop and think about your families for a little bit. If you didn't make it home for Chinese New Year (or any other celebration your family celebrates), give them a call or write a letter. No parent wants to be shut out from their kid's life, even if they may sometimes claim otherwise. I rang my home back in KL yesterday and my dear grandmother was beside herself with joy to hear my voice. So was my dad, even though he didn't show it. Preach - love one another. =)

And on a more amusing note (but no less poignant and completely related to the post at hand), have a dose of warm hearted humour with a meaningful and amusing message. =)

Anyways!! Enough depression for one night! Dear god! Looks like it might rain in here! xD In other news, it has been a good day! Not only did I receive surprisingly generous red packets from both my boss and Mum, I also got my pay rise AND my extra pay check from working at the stables! Whee! Also I had a simply awesome ride on Cosmo (the best pony in the world) today, jumping the cross country course over all the big logs!

I think tomorrow will be a good day too. The weather is warming up and the skies are blue!

Much loves! <3

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