Monday, January 19, 2009; 12:26 AM
Some days are easy, and some days are tough. Some days are just so hard - and there's always a flow, an up and a down, a rough and a smooth. It feels as though most days are more rough than smooth and at times I feel like I should be in some kind of rehab center because some days, it is just. so. difficult.

Days, nights, what's the difference. You ever get the feeling where you really want something - and yet at the same time you want something completely different altogether? And it's hard to be happy for people even if you know you should - because it's something you want more than anything else and they have it so - so easy.

But don't burst into tears just yet - like you always do, love - because you're hanging in there just like that little fruit bat that's got caught up in a nasty piece of barbed wire. You'll get free somehow - even with the holes and tears in your wings - you'll get free.

Surely everything happens for a reason. Surely. And just like everything else, this too, shall pass.
And perhaps - just perhaps - tomorrow, it will be one of the easier days.