Monday, February 9, 2009; 12:19 AM
Black Saturday
My thoughts and condolences go out to all the Victorians who were affected by yesterday's deadly bushfires... it was horrendous, simply horrendous, a real day from hell. I feel for your loss and have you all in my prayers.

How heartbreaking - it has been running on the news all day long for two days now. I turned on the news yesterday only to have my heart completely stop for a whole two seconds and my blood turn completely cold as the newsreader said, "Fire in Keysborough..." and I could barely hear the rest, my stomach was coming up to my throat. Keysborough!! But that's where Blinkbonnie Equestrian Center is! That's where my dear Midnight and Cosmo and Prince and Shrimpy and all the rest of my equine family live! That's where I was supposed to be working, if the hot weather hadn't meant that it would be closed for the day! I could barely even fathom the thought of a deadly fire so close to my babies.

But after a couple of phone calls and manic searching on all the news sites, it seemed Blinkbonnie was safe. The fire wasn't in their surrounding area. Thank goodness.

And then I thought of a good friend of mine who works out in the country where the main fires are burning, and messaged her immediately. Thankfully, she too is out of harm's way.

The whole tragedy is just... incomprehensible. There's over 100+ dead so far and the death toll is still rising. Whole towns have been completely destroyed. The fires are still burning and damned-to-hell arsonists are relighting fires that have been extinguished. I want to vomit when I think about that. More than two towns have been completely razed to the ground and countless charred bodies have been found trapped in cars as they try to escape. A bride lost her husband just two weeks after their marriage. Victoria's dearly beloved newscaster and his family are dead - burnt to the ground. So many homes and families have been lost.
I watch the news and see the blazes burning and I think of the countless horses that have died - it is so heartbreaking. There is footage of farmers walking out over their paddocks, euthanizing their horses and cattle that didn't survive the fire. It's horrifying.

The nearest fire to me was Yarra Glen - which really isn't that far at all - and my entire area was covered in a foreboding, restless fog all day long which had me quite worried. It was so hot and dry and just... a fidgety feeling was in the air all day long. I constantly kept my dog wet and cool, with plenty of ice cubes and kept my eye on the dark smoke surrounding the area. It was very scary.

It's heartbreaking, but please keep all those who have sufferend in your prayers. Help with what you can. Here is a great post with all the ways in which you can help, donations are very much needed right now.
Ways to Help

And to make things worse, my brother rang my at 3am while I was sleeping - to inform me that my grandmother had been rushed to hospital. The doctors are on holiday (imagine that!) so they won't know what is wrong till Tuesday at least. I'm very worried, so if you can, please spare a prayer for my dear grandmother too.

What a day of tragedy. :(