Thursday, February 5, 2009; 10:52 PM
Keep putting one foot in front of the other
How awesome is this :

When I hear the words 'National Geographic', I immediately think of the gorgeous blonde boy who caught my eye on the bus a few months ago... because he was simple and un-douchey-like, and as he got on the bus, he pulled out a copy of National Geographic and was completely engrossed in it. No boy reads National Geographic anymore. As I left the bus never to see him ever again, I think I loved him then.

When I hear the word 'princess', I immediately think of how I was once a princess - someone's princess. Now I am something like Cinderella, minus the mice and the magic.

When I read the word 'legend', I immediately think of Britney Spears. Let's face it, in 20 years from now your kids will still be bopping along to 'Baby One More Time'. What a queen.

When I see 'roses', I immediately think of the large bouquet I once received on Valentine's Day many, many years ago, from possibly the only boy who ever really truly wanted to try to love me. (I called him crazy and he never spoke to me again.)

When I shed a tear, I immediately think of the first time I ever consciously cried in front of someone else - my mother, in high school, when I lied to her and said my boyfriend dumped me. (It was the other way round.)

When I hear the words' unaldurated happiness' and 'freedom', I immediately think of galloping across a never-ending pasture, with the wind in my hair, on the back of a horse.

I am not a witty writer, nor can I conjure up amazing jokes to put stitches in your side, and my little space doesn't have a hundred pretty photos, nor do I have an interesting daily life to share with the world - but I like to think that what I write is real, and felt from the heart - and perhaps that might be good enough in it's own way. I do not need a million hits or a hundred comments, just knowing that what I write is real at this point in time, that is enough.

And yes, I am also aware that I use too many commas.

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