Wednesday, February 11, 2009; 11:31 PM
of war and heroines
When I sit and think about all the women I admire and respect, I realize that they are all strong, independant women with will-power, determination and courage even in the face of adversity. I find that they may have their occasional moments of vulnerability, fear, even loneliness - but they do not waver and they keep ploughing on.

When I meet new people and I suss out who would I most like to be friends with, I find that they are the girls who are strong and know what they want in life, and have a mind and spine of their own. And yet I find that they are also human, and kind and generous and down-to-earth yet amazingly free-spirited.

I remember wanting to be free-spirited, I remember people telling me to stay free-spirited.

Somewhere, I lost sight of these amazing women and reduced myself to the weepy, weak characters I used to loathe.

Somewhere in between that and this, now, I think I remember who I wanted to be, who I should be, and who I will become. I think I understand that every strong woman has her dark days, but the difference between heroines and non-heroines is that the heroines who are truly remembered are the ones that take initiative and keep fighting on - and not wait around for the hero.

I think I used to be strong-willed. I think I used to be impulsive, and stubborn, and refused to wait around for change. I think I used to fight for what was right, and I think I used to look forward, straight ahead. I think you don't have to be a cold, ice-queen to be a strong heroine, I think you can be sweet and kind and gentle and yet possess this amazing inner strength and mentality which simply radiates off you - which makes people look at you and think, "She's a heroine."

I think your hero shouldn't complete you, you should complement each other.

I think I remember what it used to be like to want to be a heroine. I think I can try to be one again.

I think I just will be.

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