Sunday, April 26, 2009; 12:31 AM
I was simply sitting around today when I was suddenly hit with an immense feeling of nostalgia. McCool was playing videogames when some strange urge overcame me to tell him about burying my childhood dog, Gina - which in turn prompted me to go back and look at old photos of my childhood. Now I'm homesick!

I must say, I think I was quite an adorable little girl! I had this brilliantly red birthmark right in the middle of the forehead - fortunately, I didn't get teased about it too much, thanks to the Sailormoon craze when I was a kid! All the other kids believed I was a real-life Sailor warrior... I claimed myself to be Sailor Mercury (she's my favourite) and in our eyes, we could all somehow see the Sailor Mercury symbol on my forehead, in my birthmark. Therefore, I was cool!!

Anyway, I stumbled upon some old photos when I was revisiting my childhood.

Aww, me and my dear brother when we were teeny kids. He used to take Tae Kwan Do lessons after school and I always wanted to myself - I was a real tomboy! But mum never let me. She claims I was too rough and would hurt the other kids! Instead, she enrolled me for ballet and piano lessons - which I loathed and quit a few weeks after. .... ... Geez, I looked like such a monkey, didn't I!

Translation : I love grandpa and grandma and gina

My passion for art also started at a very young age. Unfortunately, my skills were less than remarkable. My dad took great pains to teach me to draw once he discovered my interest, and I showed my appreciation my drawing him with a head the size of a mutant watermelon.

Translation : I love all the family

On holiday in Barwon Heads, Australia. UGH my brother and I were so cute I want to kidnap us and take us home. Just look at me with that snowman! I wish I could be as photogenic now! I remember sweet old ladies always offering us candy on the bus. Our cuteness was irresistable!

It's always nice to take a trip down Memory Lane. I wish I could be a child again, careless and free.

Uh, since this post was originally about my dogs - who are my family and bestest friends in the world, here's to their memory. RIP, my loves and I'll see you in heaven soon! <3

Darling Gina

My BFF Romario. ♥

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Blogger Elly + Yin said...
Have you realized that ppl always look more photogenic when they're younger? Our face have the tendency to look kinda crooked as we grow older ... Or is it just me? haha*