Monday, September 14, 2009; 10:35 AM
I don't get people who judge others so freely and casually. Please, do the world a favour and shut up. Who are you to judge? What right do you have to criticize the way other people live their lives?
It's frightening how quickly some people judge others without even bothering to think. Who do you think you are? And then you act like you, yourself - are the sweetest angel, the most perfect being to radiate off the face of the earth. ~You're sweet, you're confident, you're amazing, you can do anything, you love everyone!!~
Please, hypocrite, I see right through you. Let me go puke in peace.

There was an episode on the Tyra show the other day about judgemental girls. All I can say is that those who jump too quickly to judge and bitch about others are pretty much simply jealous and bitter themselves.
I feel sorry for you, you selfish, lonely human being who justifies your existence by criticizing virtually unknown strangers just to make you feel better about yourself. I feel sorry for you.


Anyways, I know this blog has been abandoned for so long.. and now I post again with a rant, lol. Oh dear, I'm terrible. I really should try to update more often.
Boring news about me, hmm, I'm still working my 9-5 office job. It's a lot more fun now we have new co-workers and it's all lads and jokes and all that, but it still takes a lot of willpower to push myself to work in the morning. I've started my training for my riding instructor's certificate and that should be coming along quite nicely. Been looking into taking some courses in animal psychology and therapy, in the future, if I have the time / money. (That's right bitch, I earn my own money. What do you do besides sitting there looking pretty and judging people? Yeah. //mini-rant)

And in other news, Yena's gotten into the London School of Fashion ahhh omg I'm so proud & happy for her! *squeezes* You go Yena Coco, four for you, Yena Coco!

Emma the Rottweiller just had a major surgery which I paid for which saw me waving foodbye to my future pony for at least another half a year (lol) but I don't mind, she's a sweetheart. We do hydrotherapy with her twice a week and I have been giving her home massages which are turning out fun for the both of us! It looks like she will have to be a permanent indoor dog from now on, but I've grown up always around animals, simply learning to pick the fur out and keep shovelling down the food, so I don't mind in the slightest.

My car was in a slight... shall we say, mishap... a few weeks ago, ha ha ha and I almost had a fit. Luckily, not much damage was done but now I think I should get my tyres checked and done - goodbye another few hundred dollars! And yes, both me and my passenger was fine - if you can call me having a heart attack and clawing out my hair fine. He he he, just kidding.

Anyway, that's it for Boring News of The Week. I'm off to watch the VMAs. Fingers crossed for Britney's win! <3


Blogger Elly + Yin said...
@_@ it's kinda scary 2 c u write such a post with so much anger. I realized u've been twittering bout her too. Makes me wonder a bit. :p Anyways, b happy! cheer up! Well, if it'd make u feel any better, I'm very comfortable w/ Emma in d hs now. Oh yes, I'm living Melb soon too! Got myself a 1 way ticket! So won't b seeing u 4 quite a while (like a yr). So we gotta go out 4 coffee, maybe taking some photos haha. Of course we'll c other on d blogsphere ey? ;) xxx eLLy*

Anonymous Yin said...
omg, I knew you were leaving but I didn't know you would be gone for so long! i thought u would just b gone for a month or two. :( where are you going? taiwan?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

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